Nowadays, the appearances of the Virgin Mary are a worldwide ­phenomenon, often inciting contradictory states and attitudes, ranging from genuine ­religious conversion to fierce atheistic denial. There are certain manifestations of the ­Virgin Mary, such as those from La Salette (France, 1846), Fatima (Portugal, 1917), ­Garabandal (Spain, 1961) or Akita (Japan, 1973), when she revealed herself to certain pure souls, asking them to transmit to the representatives of the clergy and then to the whole of humanity certain messages of warning. These messages are about the huge accumulation of sins and bad deeds, which has reached the limits of Godly patience and which is about to trigger the heavenly anger and wrath by causing a planetary ­cataclysm, unless people repent and return to God. In 1917, at Fatima, in Portugal, the Virgin showed, in a miraculous way, to more than 70,000 people who had gathered at her request on the Cova hill in Iria, a frightening vision in which the Sun crashed into Earth, anticipating the present predictions of certain scientists about the danger of a planetary ­disaster caused by a “ball” of fire emanating from the Sun.

On August 31st 1941, mother Lucia (which was one of the three ­visionary children to whom the Virgin Mary showed herself in 1917, at Fatima) ­recorded for the Bishop of Fatima the message in which the Virgin warned people about what is to come unless they repent. She also revealed what they must do in order to be forgiven by God: “Our Lady showed us a great sea of fire, which ­seemed to be under the earth. ­Plunged in this fire were demons and souls in human form, like transparent burning embers, ­blackened or ­burnished bronze, floating about in the conflagration, now raised into the air by the flames that issued from ­within themselves ­together with great clouds of ­smoke, now falling back on every side like sparks in a huge fire, without weight or equilibrium, and amid shrieks and groans of pain and despair, which horrified us and made us tremble with fear. The demons could be distinguished by their terrifying and repulsive likeness to frightful and unknown animals, all black and transparent. This vision lasted but an instant. How can we ever be grateful enough to our kind heavenly Mother, who had already prepared us by promising, in the first Apparition, to take us to heaven. Otherwise, I think we would have died of fear and terror. Then, we lifted our eyes to the Virgin Mary and she told us with kindness and sadness: «You have seen the hell where the souls of poor sinners go. In order to save them from all of this, God established, in this world, a way for salvation. This implies their total and unconditional surrender to His Absolute and Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end: but if people do not stop angering God, a new, more atrocious one will break out during the Pontificate of Pope Pius XI.

When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that he is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father. To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to the absolute and immaculate Heart of God and for an act of repairing to be done, consisting of participation in Holy Communion on the First Saturdays, in order for the sins to be forgiven. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated. In the end, the absolute and immaculate Heart of God will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia for protection, and she shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.»”

At the same time, in 1962, through the stigmatic Teresa Musco, the Virgin transmitted a message in accordance with the one from Fatima or from La ­Salette: “because the people and the clergy have increased the gutter of filth… The Church is at a crossing point: it will either go towards its own destruction, or it will find its path, which it should have never left […] Satan will do everything so that people will not hear this message… I want to tell you that the world is perverse. I appeared in Portugal where I left messages, but nobody listened. I appeared in Lourdes, in La Salette, but only a few stone hearts melted. But I want to tell you so many things that sadden my Heart […] Now, I will speak to you about the third secret I have shared with Lucia, at Fatima. I can tell you it has already been read, but nobody said a word about it.”

According to Gabriel Roschini (one of the most famous Mariologists of the 20th century), the Virgin Mary told Teresa with anticipation that, although she was going to invite everybody to pray and repent, Pope John Paul II will not bother whatsoever to speak to people about the “third secret of Fatima”, under the pretext that it is “frightening”, although he was ­asked by the Virgin Mary to make the content of her message public.

The Virgin Mary explained to Teresa in a vision: “Human kind is heading towards a big disaster, at high speed. The population is becoming more and more lost… Fire and smoke will wreath the whole world. The waves of the oceans will turn into fire and steam. Spumous waves will rise, covering Europe and will transform everything into molten lava. Millions of adults and children will perish in this fire and the few who will survive will envy the dead because wherever they will look they will only see blood, death and ruins, in the entire world.”

On October 13th, 1973, in Akita, Japan, the Virgin Mary revealed to Mother Agnes, during a miraculous appearance, the terrible consequences of the misdeeds of humankind: “As I have already told you, if people do not repent and make amends, the Heavenly Father will give a terrible punishment to the whole of humanity. It will be a punishment heavier than the Flood, a punishment like never before: a fire will descend from the skies and kill a great part of humankind, the good as well as the bad, and it will not absolve the priests or the believers. The survivors will be so terrified that they will envy the dead.

The only weapons that will then exist are your prayer beads and the sign my Son has left. Do your prayers daily!

The Devil will infiltrate even the Church, causing mischief. We will see cardinals rising against cardinals, and bishops against bishops. The priests that will serve me full of love will be despised and attacked by the others. Churches and altars will be robbed and the Church will be full of those who accept compromises. The devil will push many priests and many souls consecrated to God to stop serving the Lord. The devil will become merciless especially with these souls, consecrated to God (by monastic oath).

The perspective of losing so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins will continue to grow, both in number and seriousness, there shall be no mercy for them.”

In November 1980, in Germany, in an interview published in the magazine Stimme des Glaubins, Pope John Paul II gave a very significant answer, which shows, ultimately, his lack of respect for the Virgin Mary. When asked if it would have been better to reveal publicly in 1960 the third secret of Fatima, as the Virgin Mary had asked him to do, he replied: “Considering the importance of its content, my predecessors took the diplomatic decision to postpone the publishing of the secret, in order not to encourage the communist forces to make certain movements. On the other hand, what I am about to tell you should be enough for all Christians: if there is a message where it is written that oceans will flood entire dry areas and that, at a certain moment, millions of people will die, it is obviously undesirable to publish such a text.”

Father Malachi Martin, who was close to the Vatican for a while and one of the few who had access to the text of the third secret of Fatima, having been sworn to secrecy, revealed some things about this secret which is guarded by the political will of popedom. Here is what he says: “In 1917 three children stated that they saw the Virgin Mary and that she transmitted to them certain specific messages for the Christians and for the Pope; the messages were about the Godly punishment of humankind and were more than terrifying. They forewarned people about a great disaster that would come upon them if they continued to sin. There were three ­divine ­revelations, but the last one ­remained secret, unrevealed to the people, yet written on a piece of paper.

[When I was around John ­XXIII] this piece of paper was kept in a box on the fireplace of the private apartment where the Pope lived in Rome. Fatima became a very ­important place, because the ­Virgin Mary predicted certain events which were to affect the welfare of the Holy See and of the Catholic Church. To begin with, John Paul II manifested great devotion to Fatima and the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God from Fatima. He preached her message for «atoning for your sins and returning to God!» But, eventually, he did not maintain his attitude and went astray […], saying that her message was very apocalyptic.

[Within the third secret, the Virgin Mary] predicts that there will be wars, diseases, that entire nations will disappear, that there will be 3 days of darkness, that epidemics will spread which will erase from the map of the world, in one night only, entire countries and many land surfaces will be swallowed by waters or devastated by tornadoes and storms.”

On another occasion, the Father declared the following: “The secret of Fatima is connected to the release of the forces of Nature as an answer to the destruction and misdeeds of the human species. But what I have told you is not the essence of the third secret of ­Fatima. The true ­essence is beyond any imagination. Indeed, it refers to the 3 days of darkness. The entire planet will be surrounded by dark­ness. Fire will fall from the sky and will transform the oceans into steam. The last Pope will fall under Satan’s rulership. The Earth will be shaken. Thousands of cities and people will be taken by waters, tornadoes and storms. There will be epidemics that will kill only in one night the populations of many countries.

There will also be three days of darkness (darkness and disorder will also conquer the minds of many). In these days it will be very dangerous to be outdoors. And this will not happen in a hundred years from now, or fifty, or thirty. The whole planet will be affected, all religions, all species, all regions, without exception.”

Father Malachi Martin is also the one who gave us very important ­information in 2007: “The great triggering factor will be in the sky, on the firmament. Pay ­attention to the firmament… The sign of the Virgin will appear in the sky, and this will be soon, within the next ten to twenty years. It will be a shock for everybody. The sign of the Virgin will show that God exists; helping those in whom faith is hesitant and oscillating. But it will not convert those who do not believe in ­anything. Therefore, when you will see a sign on the sky (like an aurora borealis), on a spring day, this is when it will all begin…”

Despite all these dark predictions, we hope that the terrible divine ­punishment, fully deserved by all of humankind, can be removed, in the last moment, if ­people will turn towards God as soon as possible. In this direction, practicing the ­SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD presented in this book will allow us, with the miraculous help received from God the Father and through ­perseverant and adequate effort, to avoid, through expiation, the manifestation of a big ­catastrophe.


We humbly dedicate this book to God the Father. His absolute Wisdom, Kindness, Love, Omnipresence and Omnipotence ceaselessly amaze us and often overwhelm us. We thank Him in this way for His inspiration and guidance.

We consecrate the fruits of this effort to the Virgin Mary as a modest homage to her huge divine love, which she sheds upon this planet and for the profound and maternal affection she manifests for us.



In this booklet will be revealed certain Godly secrets which are, most often, reserved to the few and “awakened” ones, who will be able to discover them and to use them immediately, in ­order to come closer and closer to the mysterious and ­grandiose reality of GOD THE FATHER, through certain direct ­mystical ­experiences, which will be easily accessible to them only by the careful, perseverant, humble, kind, affectionate and patient GRAM OF PRACTICE.

The understanding of certain aspects and Godly ­manifestations as mysterious energies that have SPECIFIC FREQUENCIES of ­vibration and which trigger each time divine, subtle and ­profoundly ­beneficial processes of occult resonance in our inner universe, will transform (hopefully) in a profound and fruitful way the “CLASSIC” vision upon GOD, and will help us extraordinarily to discover Him immediately, and in this way to feel Him closer and closer, all the time. Besides the fact that GOD is ­EVERYTHING, in eternity, He is also the multitude of processes of occult ­resonance that exist, endlessly.

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