• “God’s ways are always mysterious and incomprehensible.”

• “- Above those who do not know anything about the SUPREME AND ­EFFICIENT METHOD there will be those who will have access to all the essential information about this method (presented in this ­booklet).
– Above those who will have access to all the essential information about the SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD, there will be those who will remember it and who will assimilate this information properly.
– Above those who will remember and will assimilate properly all the ­practical information about the SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD, there will be those who will understand it fully and who will grasp its hidden meaning.
– Above those who will understand it fully and who will grasp its hidden meaning, there will be those who will carefully and perseverantly ­apply this SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD.
– Above those who will carefully and perseverantly apply this Supreme and Efficient method, there will be those who will obtain significant ­results.
– Above those who will attain significant results by applying the SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD carefully and perseverantly, there will be those who will gradually reach the necessary maturity and mastership.”


An occult and often unsuspected aspect of the SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD presented in this booklet is that each human being who practices it daily, correctly and with perseverance, will attract with the help of the Holy Spirit, in the SUBTLE MYSTERIOUS AMBIANCE of Planet EARTH, both the Godly energy of Grace, as well as the enigmatic energy of God’s Will. He or she will also attract and channel in the subtle sphere of this planet the manifestation of God’s Almightiness.

All of these represent gifts from God. They will pour through our beings both in part as well as altogether. ­These ­Godly gifts that we will attract and which will be poured upon us in this way and upon the entire planet will ­later on ­cause ­profound and long lasting ­spiritual transformations. For the time being, these transformations are unsuspected in the hidden energetic sphere of our planet, which is, now more than ever, “ill” due to the sins, misdeeds and the evil accumulated more and more in its subtle ambiance over time.

Among other things, all of these will make a profound and unimaginable transformation possible. This will have a special positive impact on the possibility to neutralize and annihilate, globally speaking, the evil that prevails in the subtle sphere of force of Planet Earth.

In this way it becomes possible that the “global balance” of the Godly energies of good and harmony, existing in the subtle sphere of Planet Earth, will gradually start to even out, through these valuable gifts that we will invoke, attract and channel. Each one of us can do this, here and now, through the huge help (yet, unimaginable) that will come to us day by day, from God, as soon as a certain number of human beings will perform correctly, attentively and perseverantly the SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD which is at our disposal and which is presented in this booklet.

This revelation that ­comes from God is essential and it should mobilize and also ­inspire as many of us as possible to perform daily the SUPREME AND ­EFFICIENT METHOD. At the same time, we should ­never forget that this SUPREME AND EFFICIENT ­METHOD is, in its turn, an extraordinarily ­valuable gift that God ­offers us. Each one of us (who practices this SUPREME AND ­EFFICIENT ­METHOD) can realize this if we ­apply it, in order to experience it properly through the ­NECESSARY GRAM OF PRACTICE.

Furthermore, every one who performs this SUPREME AND ­EFFICIENT METHOD daily will have a fast and long lasting transformation. This is because as soon as we will do much ­Godly good, we will also ­receive in our being, from God, much Godly good. In this way, every one who performs this ­SUPREME AND ­EFFICIENT ­METHOD daily will gradually become mysterious ­divine channels through which God will pour all His gifts in the subtle energetic ambiance of ­planet Earth. The humanity, as well as the planet, needs them urgently.

Therefore, now, knowing all this and not mobilizing ourselves immediately (putting into ­action all our resources in order to ­prevent a major catastrophe), will not only underline a “supreme” ­cowardice in us, but it would also be ­extremely stupid.

If, even knowing all these aspects, we will continue to do nothing about it and will indulge in egoism, larval states, ignorance and indifference, this will show that we do not really take into account the predictions of the Virgin Mary which were revealed at Fatima. Then, chances are that these terrible predictions will come true very soon. With this knowledge, we must make a wise choice immediately, a choice that will also be pleasant for God. Such a wise choice helps us to expiate our sins now, while it is still possible, through adequate effort, in order to avoid a frightening and well-deserved Godly punishment which awaits us in the near future.

Knowing this now, while it is not too late, it is worthwhile that each one of us asks ourselves, in a mature and responsible way (before it is too late): “WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?”

Considering that, HERE AND NOW, each one of us has the SUPREME AND ­EFFICIENT METHOD that God has given us for our own sake and for our ­salvation, and for that of the planet we live on, from now on we can no longer say: “I DO NOT HAVE AND DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING GOOD TO DO ABOUT THIS!” or: “EVERYTHING I JUST READ ABOUT IS NOT INTERESTING TO ME!”

If we do so, we should become aware that in this way we will prove to be grossly stupid and unconscious. Therefore, we are now here to make a CHOICE that can be fundamental, through all its repercussions. Performing carefully and perseverantly the SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD presented in this booklet will help us avoid, through sustained and adequate spiritual effort, done in unison, a frightening planetary catastrophe that awaits us. In this way, we can pay back and expiate the mistakes accumulated by the whole of humanity. Beyond appearances, this is the meaning of the prophecies the Virgin Mary revealed at Fatima, as well as the hidden meaning of the frightening vision that more than 70,000 human beings saw, not coincidentally.

Studying carefully the content of this booklet, we will discover that both ­researchers as well as scientists have warned us about the fact that this year (2010), Planet Earth has all the chances to face such a catastrophe, which would soon afterwards trigger the death of tens of millions of human beings. Even if that terrible collective vision was shown a century ago, in 1917, now, in 2010, honourable scientists and researchers are also sending the same wake-up call. They warn us that such a phenomenon (like the one shown through the terrible vision to a crowd of people at Fatima) can actually take place at any time, and that shortly afterwards it would trigger a terrible planetary catastrophe which, in the near future, could influence tens of millions of human beings.

In the present moment, it is obvious for most of us that the science which exists on this planet is completely powerless and unable to prevent or avoid such a catastrophe, which can be triggered at any given moment in time, when certain required conditions are fulfilled. Therefore, it is obvious that the science of this planet is completely helpless. This is why the alternative we give in this booklet, through the SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD, makes the avoidance of such a catastrophe possible, even if at a first glance this might seem impossible. We must keep in mind that the already famous prophecies of the Virgin Mary, of Fatima, had and have a certain meaning. It would be stupid of us to imagine that the Virgin Mary portrayed a terrible vision for more than 70,000 human beings – a vision which predicted, in the times we live in, the terrible catastrophe awaiting us in the future – only to scare us, or only to tell us that everything is inevitably lost and that we have nothing else left to do other than to keep our hands in our pockets and wait, paralyzed, for the inevitability of that prophecy to unfold in the near future, triggering a terrible catastrophe, which will affect all of us together and each one of us individually.

Therefore, this SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD that we suggest, and of which it can be said has already proven its efficiency in another successful collective application, is, and remains, an efficient alternative. If it is applied by a considerable number of human beings, it will be successful and will make the stopping of a catastrophe possible. This is because Planet Earth will be protected in a providential way through the effects generated by the careful and perseverant practice of the SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD presented within this booklet.

We know already that these revelations, which are obviously essential for the whole of humanity, will not be supported by the mass-media. On the contrary, sudden and irrational hatred, disdain and even constant reactions of mockery will be triggered.

Due to the truths contained within these revelations, they will cause strong rejection from those who are sceptical, materialistic and narrow-minded, as well those who are mean, perverse and demonic. They will feel the strange and often irrational impulse to fight against them strongly, in order to thus stop the profoundly powerful and beneficial current of opinion that could generate a force idea able to start profound and unexpected transformations in the subtle sphere of force of Planet Earth. Such reactions, which will appear shortly after these revelations will be made public, should not surprise us. As we know, certain truths often trigger opposition, grimness and even hatred.

When God reveals to us terrible truths, while other people drown daily in an ocean of lies, such kinds of truths are hard to believe, especially by the superficial, naïve, ignorant, inconsistent and immature human beings. For such human beings, the extremely important truths, which require urgent action, are considered to be lies; and obvious lies are easily considered to be truths.

Carefully studying these revelations, you will be able to intuitively perceive and even, later on, discover that they are an extraordinarily beneficial force, to the extent that they will be applied immediately. In this way, each one of you can convince yourselves that KNOWING MEANS BEING ABLE.

Please consider that although these truths are terrible and they risk shocking us, they must be known immediately by as many human beings as possible. NOW, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

The time for these shocking truths has come, even if they seem inconvenient or impossible. Please remember that when we carefully and lucidly analyze that which is obvious and then remove the impossible, all that is left is the mysterious truth, even if such a truth may seem momentarily improbable.

However, we must always keep in mind that there are situations in which the truth is reduced to silence as a result of the meanness and savageness of the ignorant, perverse and narrow- minded ones who oppose it.

There are three kinds of truth that should mainly guide our existence: the truths that are full of Godly wisdom; the mysterious truths of the wisdom of the heart; and the essential, mystical truths which God reveals to us at the right time. By attentively studying this booklet, we will discover within its pages such truths. In this way, our striving to read it carefully, combined with our aim to immediately apply the SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD presented within it, will be greatly compensated. Considering our inner experiences, we dare to believe that the revelations you will discover in this booklet are not only extremely useful, but also extremely valuable, given the apocalyptic times in which we are living.

Many of the truths revealed here may seem strange to some of you, and for others still they may seem even more unusual than fiction. Nevertheless, we assure you that later on you can become convinced that the revelations offered in this booklet are perfectly true. In this way, you can be convinced that most often the truth is revealed through making certain adequate effort. In this case, the authentication of these revelations can be done gradually, as each one of you will carefully and perseverantly practice the SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD presented in this booklet.

Even if it is sometimes insidiously stated that it is wrong to tell the truth, by carefully studying this booklet you will discover that it offers some terrifying truths. These must be known as soon as possible, by all lucid, intelligent, mature and responsible people.

Yet, the truths revealed here will not convince ordinary people, who indulge in scepticism, indifference, superficiality and ignorance. We should not be surprised about this, because most often truth is the mysterious Sun of intuitive and penetrating intelligence. The Ultimate Godly Truth is, and will always remain, a final goal.

As some of you have probably realized, most often certain truths represent the most terrible enemies of one with a mediocre mind, which is filled with doubts. For us people, it is very good to know the truth, because it is often the most precious of all goods. In its absence, man is “blind”. Truth is an essential good that must be received without any hesitation, wherever it is revealed to us at the opportune moment. But we must keep in mind that like spiritual abundance, essential truths are a treasure. We need only to be “wise treasurers”. This is why we must accumulate and assimilate them, in order to then generously give them to all those who are open and ready to receive them.

For the one who is intelligent, intuitive, full of common sense and skilful, the truth is also a sui generis means to, first of all, make the removal of error, sin and suffering possible. For the wise ones, the truth can always be more beautiful, without disappearing. Even when it is constantly repeating itself, the truth triggers inside of our inner universe sublime and mysterious subtle processes of occult resonance, which make it ceaselessly new, fruitful and a generator of great happiness.

One of the essential characteristics of the Ultimate Truth is that when it is fully understood and assimilated, the Divine Ultimate Truth will eventually liberate us.

Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru


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