If we attentively study the content of this booklet without delay, we will discover (which may even be a shock to some) that famous researchers and scientists have already warned us in 2010 that there is a great chance that planet Earth will face the unleashing of a terrible catastrophe; shortly thereafter this would lead to the death of tens of millions of human beings. By becoming aware of these aspects it will be easy for us to realize that, beyond any doubt, this is and remains the meaning of the prophecies and revelations the Virgin Mary gave us at Fatima. Moreover, it (only now) becomes possible for us to intuitively perceive the hidden meaning of that terrifying vision whose miraculous apparition was witnessed (not at all by accident) by over 70 000 human beings. During that vision, all who were present saw the Sun falling from the sky and heading towards the Earth at high speed. When it happened, everyone who was there went through some terrifying moments, being completely sure the Sun would actually fall to Earth. Even if that terrifying collective vision (which remains a great mystery) took place about a century ago, in the year 1917, in the year 2010 famous researchers and scientists are sounding the alarm, warning us that a similar phenomenon (exactly like the one revealed through a terrifying vision to a crowd of people present at Fatima) can actually take place at anytime; which would lead, shortly afterwards, to a planetary catastrophe, which could affect also us, we who are now reading this booklet, in the near future. Tens of millions of human beings (a minimum estimation) could die because of the unusual destructive effects that could appear after such a catastrophe is unleashed. Today it is obvious to all of us that the entire scientific community on this planet is (so far) completely helpless and, for this very reason, unable to face or even to avoid such a planetary catastrophe. The intelligent correlation of the Virgin Mary’s prophecies with science’s current dark forecasts allows us to easily realize that such a planetary catastrophe could start at anytime in the near future, as soon as the required conditions appear. Given this obvious truth (that science on this planet is completely helpless), we offer now, for the first time, an efficient and supreme alternative which (we hope!!!) will allow us to avoid, only with God’s help, this terrible planetary catastrophe which is taking shape for all of us and for planet Earth in the near future. It is necessary for us to keep in mind that the heavenly alternative presented in this booklet will only work (both for our own individual good and for the good of all) if many of us act from now on (at specific times) IN UNISON.

Through the intermediary of this SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD that each of us will be able to practice, we already dare to hope that it will be possible (thanks to the miraculous help that we will receive every time from God the Father) for us to expiate the outburst of such a catastrophe; it will be done though these constant and adequate sacrifices and individual efforts (which please God).

It is, at the same time, urgently necessary for all of us to hope that we will eventually succeed, even if such a success seems impossible at first sight. We must actually never forget that Virgin Mary’s already famous prophecies made in Fatima certainly had and still have a hidden meaning. It is essential for us to realize that these terrifying prophecies have not been a meaningless, useless action made “by accident” at that time by Virgin Mary. It would be extremely foolish of us to imagine that, somehow, during that miraculous and completely extraordinary display, Virgin Mary has revealed to over 70 000 people a terrible vision (anticipating, in our times, an awful catastrophe awaiting for us in the future) just to scare us. It is also obvious that that frightening vision was not revealed to us only to let us know that all hope is actually lost and that, GIVEN THIS FATE, all there is left for us to do is sit with our arms crossed and wait completely paralyzed for the inevitable to take place (in the near future). It is also obvious that such a planetary catastrophe will be capable of affecting all and each one of us.

An occult and often unthought-of aspect (in the case of most human beings) is that, in the case the SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD presented here (in this brochure) is done daily, every human being who will do it correctly and perseveringly will attract (each time) in the mysterious subtle atmosphere of planet Earth, through the intermediary of the Holy Ghost, both the mysterious heavenly energies of God’s Grace and the mysterious energy of God’s WILL. The SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD will also attract, and then channel into the subtle sphere of this planet, the mysterious manifestation of God’s ALMIGHTINESS. All of this will take place each time, simultaneously, through all the human beings who will do this. On that occasion, each one of those who will do the SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD will also become sui generis mysterious channels in and through which the help and miraculous support coming each time from Father God will be invoked and then abundantly manifested.

All these will be, at the same time, miraculous gifts that will come each time from God the Father. These heavenly, mysterious, and indescribable gifts will overflow in and through our beings; they will manifest themselves with great divine power due to the hidden occult resonance and simultaneity phenomena that will take place each time.

These phenomena will be felt more and more clearly as a mysterious field of collective, divine force that will gradually contribute to the transformation of the energetic subtle atmosphere of planet Earth. This beneficial planetary action that will be done simultaneously will also have profound effects upon the noosphere (the mysterious and invisible sphere of ideas, intentions, thoughts, and planetary intelligence existing in the mysterious subtle field of planet Earth). We dare to hope that all these heavenly gifts, that we will humbly invoke each time with a great, profound, and complete faith, will then overflow both upon ourselves and upon the entire planet and will generate, both immediately and in time, profound and lasting spiritual transformations (which are unforeseeable at the moment) in the hidden, subtle, energy sphere of planet Earth; this planet is now “sick” more than ever because of the sins, wrongdoings, and evilness that gathered and keeps gathering day by day in its subtle atmosphere.

All these heavenly gifts (that each of us will invoke in order to be attracted and brought into manifestation through our beings) will gradually generate a profound, lasting and surprising transformation. This will have an extremely strong, even extraordinary effect related to the possibility of neutralizing and annihilating the malefic accumulations and, generally speaking, all the evil that became prevalent in the subtle force sphere of planet Earth.

Thus, we dare to hope it will gradually become possible to turn the “global balance” of the heavenly energies of goodness, love, truth, kindness, and compassion, the energies of divine Grace and harmony; these energies will accumulate and will start to become extraordinarily strong and active in the subtle force sphere of planet Earth. The balance will be equalled in the near future and this will trigger a regeneration phenomenon with deep and lasting impact upon the planetary subtle atmosphere; it will be done through these heavenly gifts, which will be invaluable for us all. We will invoke these divine gifts from now on, and we will thus succeed to attract them and channel them here and now (each of us), through the huge (and so far unsuspected) help that will come day by day from God. We also dare to hope that these divine gifts will contribute to expiate the large planetary accumulation of mistakes and wrongdoings, before the limit of the divine patience is reached and the divine punishment that humankind deserves is released. It thus becomes possible for us to hope that this salvation may appear as soon as a considerable number of altruistic, responsible, spiritually mature, and conscious human beings will get mobilized day by day from now on (in unison) in order to correctly, attentively, and perseveringly practice the SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD that is available to us from now on.

This saving solution coming to us from the Good God is essential for all of us. It should mobilize us and also motivate as many of us as possible to practice day by day (for our own sake, also) the SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD offered to us now. We should also keep in mind that this SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD is, in its turn, an extremely valuable gift God offers us, in His endless love and kindness, because He does not want our destruction (we, the sinners), but our immediate improvement and return towards Him. Each of us (the ones who will practice this SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD day by day) will be able to realize its huge divine value if, and only if, we will practice it with perseverance, in order to discover it as such through the essential and necessary gram of practice.

Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

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