We will now offer for your attention an important initiatic text; it describes a real meeting that took place between the author of this testimony and an advanced Tibetan lama. A careful reading of this text will help you understand better the complex problems of this planetary program we suggest to you. In order to do this, we suggest that it is necessary for you to read the following testimony 4-5 times, and even to study it very attentively, and then make some intelligent connections with the information contained in this booklet. Thank you!

The meeting with the initiated Tibetan lama

The glaciers were shining in thousands of fires under the morning sun, as if adorned with diamonds. The clouds scattered on the slopes of the mountain and the mist from the gorges started to be slowly dispersed by a light breeze. An arch of rhododendrons was like a fairytale frame for this Himalayan landscape. I confess I was holding a book about Tibetan Buddhism in my hand, but I almost did not feel like opening it, being so fascinated by the unparalleled beauty of this landscape. I eventually started reading a chapter which seemed extremely interesting, on lamaist yoga, and I was just wondering if I could find an advanced and learned lama in that far-off area in the North of India. Shortly after that, just as I was walking along a winding path in the mountain, my attention was caught by a sign which read: Tibetan Yoga School. A correlation spontaneously appeared in my mind and I thought I could look for the principal of the school, and ask him about the Tibetan sages I had heard were living in isolation in the Darjeeling district. I entered the place very determined, but found out the principal was not available. However, one of the teachers who spoke English well was of great help to me and, during the discussion we had, he told me:

“I know an advanced lama who is very wise and came from Lhassa. He now lives in a monastery on the other side of the river. If you are lucky enough to find a car heading to the village laying at the feet of the temple, in 4 hours you can be there. But my advice to you is to announce the Darjeeling police as soon as possible that you are here, and let them know the purpose of your journey!”

With the help of my binoculars, I spotted up North a tiny dot in that snowy region with steep mountains. It seemed that that was the lama monastery. As I had only one week, I decided I would go there the very next morning. I had been cautious enough to get two things from that professor – a note in Hindi with clear directions in order to be able to find the lama monastery, as well as the exact name of that lama; furthermore, I could get a bag of rice at the black market price from a tradesperson in Darjeeling. I was going to offer it as a gift, in order to be welcomed by the poor lamas living in that monastery. I also took into consideration the wise saying of the inhabitants of that mountain region: “Beware that the higher you climb on the mountain, the lower the temperature is, lower and lower”; therefore, I was cautious and put on warm clothes.

Shortly after sunrise, when the snow in the Himalayas becomes golden pink, I was already on the street leading out of the village and heading towards Sikkim. In less than half an hour, I succeeded to stop a driver who had a free place and who gladly accepted the price I offered. The driver assured me he would pass through the very village I was planning to reach. The customary jolts of the mountain road made the trip pretty unpleasant and, once there, I was happy to get out of the car. As soon as the car disappeared I was left alone, surrounded by dominating snow drifts, and I admired the valleys lost under the mist. I headed towards the biggest house I could see and asked for a room for the night. The owner of the house offered me his own room, along with a sheep skin, in case the temperature went below zero during the night.

The temple which I had seen in the beginning through binoculars, covered by clouds, was now rising as big as a tower on the cliff of the mountain. I thought I would be able to reach it in less than an hour, but later on my estimation proved to be an exaggeratedly optimistic one. The narrow path was climbing and winding higher and higher up, and eventually was lost among rocks and snow drifts. When I finally got there and showed up at the gate of the lama monastery, I was all wrapped up in my travel clothes with the collar raised in order to protect me from the cold air. As soon as I shouted out loudly, the two young Tibetan monks who had noticed me coming thought I was a wrongdoer of some kind. I spoke to them in a friendly manner and then asked them to trust me and come closer, and immediately after that I placed the rice bag at their feet, to prove my peaceful and even friendly intentions. Then I held out to one of the monks the piece of paper with the name of that lama I wanted to see and he immediately entered the temple. The monk returned shortly after that, inviting me to enter the main gate of the monastery. As I was blinded by the brightness of the sun, which amplified the white of the snow to an extreme, in the beginning I was unable to distinguish anything in the darkness of the temple. I gradually got used to the semidarkness and could see two monks in front of a Buddha statue. The older one had a Mongolian wrinkled face and was reading a text aloud, accompanied by the tinkling of a little bell, which marked in this way the specific rhythm of the reading. The other lama was strongly built, in the prime of his life, shaved head; his typically Tibetan features seemed to be sculpted in ivory. He had piercing eyes, and the lips and chin pointed out the admirable force of his character. I remained standing up and waited for the old lama to finish the recitation of those texts. Later on, the leader of that monastery, the great lama, came to me and greeted me putting his hands together:

“What brings you, sir, to our poor temple in such weather?” he asked in perfect English.

“Well, first of all, you should know that, for me, this is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in this world, and then you should know that I have just started looking for an advanced lama who could teach me the profound truths of the Tibetan dharma.”

The lama watched me in silence for a while with great curiosity, then said:

“What makes you think I am a wise lama?”

“I have been told you got your diploma in Lhassa and that you are very familiar with Tibetan yoga… moreover, I found out you have acquired excellent knowledge of the English language in Sikkim.”

“Rumours can sometimes be false”, the initiated lama answered to me with a smile.

“True”, I replied. “However, I know there is something intangible that can easily correct errors, and this thing is my intuition”, I replied slightly shyly.

My answer seemed to please the Tibetan monk. The ice between us being broken, we started to communicate.

“What would you like to know about the Buddhist teachings?” he asked me kindly.

“I confess I have always believed, and I still do, that all the great arhat-s or, in other words, the famous saviours of humankind who are also known in India by the name of mahatma-s, are authentic spiritual beings. Starting from your experience, I would like to know some essential truths about their teachings and origin”, I said.

“Learn that Buddhism is based on the belief in human beings who have reached a high degree of spiritual transformation and who have already reached the state of nirvana by following the path of the eight fundamental teachings. We also embrace the secret teaching which says that somewhere up North there is a mysterious realm not everybody can reach and where some of these great souls (mahatma) reside. We call this realm Shambala”, the lama said.

“I would also like to know: these souls, who have reached the highest state of enlightenment, do they create an invisible brotherhood meant to guide the evolution and spiritual growth of human kind?”

“I confess there is, indeed, such a community in Tibet, but there is no reason why such a community should only exist in Asia, the lama answered with a smile. Both the practice and the admission tests in this community are very difficult and, besides, they probably require several years of study and perseverant practice!”

“I confess I am not ready for this and I know I would need a couple of more lives to reach your level, but I have always hoped that maybe, one day, I would meet such advanced human beings. I would like to be of real help for the arhat-s through my modest activity and to participate, in my own way, in the efforts they make in order to help human kind!”

“One could say that the path leading to this high goal is difficult, rough even, and it implies first of all a great inner aspiration and exemplary abnegation. At the same time, it implies a total self-renunciation because, in its advanced stages, the achievement of the arhat state leads far beyond everything there is here, on Earth. Last, an arhat succeeds to enter and maintain an ecstatic state of communion with Eternity, with the Infinity. If you wish, and especially if you are open, we can make a simple and practical yogic exercise together; it will allow you to perceive, in a telepathic spiritual way, what is in reality our sphere of knowledge”, the lama suggested.

“I confess that I would be extremely interested in something like this and I am very curious to make such an exercise!” I replied.

The lama then asked me to sit in the lotus yogi posture in front of Buddha’s statue and asked me to meditate profoundly upon infinity and Eternity, while he would stay somewhere close to me.

“Imagine you hold the vices in your right hand”, he said”, and the qualities in your left hand. Now firmly put all the invisible sins down, on the stone floor, and do the same with all the qualities you consider you have. The lama added: think that your face is covered with masks – your personality, your age, sex, nationality, profession, and so on. Some of these masks are ugly and seem to be made of clay, whereas others are beautiful and seem to be made of marble. Some of these masks are golden, others are made of iron; no matter what your mask is, just place it for a while somewhere here, in front of you, on the ground.”

I followed the guidance of this lama precisely and suddenly an amazing state of Blissful Void took over me. I was even a bit confused while my name, age, sex, nationality, profession – in short, all the features of my personality –started to fade away amazingly fast and, shortly after that, they were all gone. At a certain point, I can almost say I could hear the noise my last mask made when it eventually fell to the ground.

“Now you are, both from the mental and the spiritual point of view, a mere focal-centre, aware of itself in a superior way, freed from everything and not owning anything. In this moment, you are nothing but a small flame in a huge ocean of fire which you cannot find the borders of. From a spiritual point of view, you are now very far away, beyond the limits of the Earth, and now you unite your spiritual flame to the alive and spiritually profoundly advanced beings living on the distant planets in the Great Blissful Void”, the monk whispered. An amazing and exhilarating expansion of the consciousness took over me immediately after that in a natural and, I could say, effortless manner. The strong influence of that lama’s consciousness must have acted very intensively and profoundly upon me, since I could experience so easily these intense, acute, and even overwhelming states.

“Now be as attentive as possible, for we are in the sphere of Atemporality, of the Eternal, where all that exists is there ALWAYS. Try and be fully aware of the fact that in that sublime sphere there is no past, no present, and no future”, the lama said.

Then I could suddenly feel a state of perfect Blissful Void and everything appeared to me just as if time had stopped forever. I confess that in that state which I had fully submerged in there was no more “before” or “after”, nor “up” or “down”, nor “here” or “there”. It was an amazing, heavenly, and overwhelming feeling of perfect unity in that atemporal and completely limitless universe.

“We will now come back from these extremely high spiritual spheres. We will come down… lower. Now you will take your old mask back, and all these qualities and vices you have abandoned to the ground in front of you. Return to this shell of your own being, in which you will live until the final spiritual Liberation”, the lama said at the end of this exemplification.

After a couple of minutes of profound silence, I asked, totally touched and overwhelmed:

“Is this what you call the supreme state of nirvana?”

“I have offered you a certain spiritual exemplification, so that you can better understand some concepts through direct experience. Learn that you had the profound perception of the Great Blissful Void”, the lama said. “You can thus understand what sometimes gives us the impression that we are but mere visitors on planet Earth.”

“I confess to you that now, even more than before, I want and even aspire with all my strength to help both the arhat-s and the mahatma-s in their great work which is accomplished every moment on planet Earth”, I said.

“I am honestly glad you have this intention and aspiration to offer yourself and serve the arhat-s and the mahatma-s. You should know this is something praiseworthy”, the lama nodded. “But I must first explain to you how our actions are performed, for you will probably change your mind after that!”

Standing up from the mat he was sitting on, the lama called the two young monks who had left into the next room. With a certain gesture, he pointed them towards the massive library, whose shelves were filled with books and manuscripts. The young men had pushed a piece of furniture aside and this uncovered a flap door on the floor, with a hook attached to it. When this flap door was opened, I was amazed to notice a long, stone staircase which led somewhere deep inside. The lama took a big candle, lit it, and beckoned me to follow him. After going down a couple of steps, I could see that the stairs led somewhere inside a cave with both stalactites and stalagmites, whose natural columns made me think of a medieval church with a mysterious altar. In the southern part of the cave there was a tall frame just like a window, through which daylight could enter. This opening was not actually a real window, but a sort of a natural slit in the rocky wall; it had been widened very skilfully in order to allow more light to enter in there. Although the cave was generally dry, some drops of water were still falling from the stalactites, forming little winding water streams that would eventually disappear in the cracks in the ground.

The mysterious shadows of the cave gave the impression of niches in a sanctuary. In the highest part of the cave, in the North side, there was a pretty big bronze statue. That monk (lama) lit some red candles and some frankincense sticks in front of it and, immediately, the statue of the Great Cosmic Power Tara appeared to me in Her entire splendour. I noticed she wore a tiara (head adornment worn by kings in ancient times) on her head, long earrings, and a charming necklace. She also had a huge eye in the forehead, eyes in the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet, in order to symbolize in this way her state of omnipresence. As I already knew, the Great Cosmic Power Tara is a sui generis Lady and Mistress (a protective divinity) of Tibet, Nepal, and of an important area in Asia, where she is generally known by the name of Kuan Yin, and is unanimously considered to be the Great Cosmic Power of Compassion. I noticed that the right hand of the statue was reaching out in a certain way, in a gesture of compassion and loving help. Her thumb and middle finger of the left hand were united in an oriental yogi gesture (mudra) which always symbolizes the mysterious wisdom of the secret knowledge in its sublime aspect.

When the stone tile came back to its place behind us, shutting the flap door we had entered that cave through, it suddenly crossed my mind that it was as if we had entered a world which was entirely cut off from the physical world I knew. Then the lama-master pulled me a bit closer to the statue of the Great Cosmic Power Tara. In front of her I noticed a hollow in the ground which seemed to have been cut over thousands of years by the drops of water falling from those stalactites. That oval reservoir which had been naturally created through slow erosion was filled to the brim with water, and an excess was even overflowing all around its edges. I noticed on that occasion that the drops that fell every now and then from the ceiling of the cave were forming concentric circles on the still surface of the water, which was just like a mysterious mirror.

“You must know that these are the tears of compassion of the Great Cosmic Power Tara; she weeps, due to her profound compassion, for the decline of humankind, who lost their divine condition along the ages”, the lama said.

Then he added:

“Have you ever heard about the Lhama Lamtso lake in Tibet, where the lama messengers looking for the birth place of the future Dalai Lama come to have certain visions?”

“I remember having read something upon this topic”…, I said.

“You must know that this pool is similar to that sacred lake and highly significant spiritual images can be seen here, too.”

Then, very curiously, I watched the water reflecting the light of the candles and the figure of the Great Cosmic Power Tara who was in that dark corner, but in the beginning, besides these images, I could see nothing else.

“Watch the surface of this water more carefully… and focus upon it with great attention”… the lama-master whispered. Then, immediately after that, he recited in a grave and profoundly transfiguring voice the mantra AUM MANI PADME HUM. The sounds of this mantra incantation reverberated in the whole cave and their echo generated a very particular state in me, a state that I could not put in words.

The flickering flame of the candles lit the statue of the Great Cosmic Power Tara in a certain way and she started to appear to me in a kaleidoscopic display of superb colours. The smoke of the frankincense sticks then started to rise very high up in the air and yet, in spite of that, it was reflected in the pool just like in a mirror; this mirror was blurred every now and then by the fall of a new drop of water. Shortly after that, all the physical images seemed to be wiped away and then I noticed that the mirror of the water in that pool was covered by a mysterious mist. In reality, I actually started seeing surprisingly clear images, just as if I had been watching a colour TV screen. I noticed on that occasion that the lama-master, who was standing up by my side, was also watching attentively and seeing the exact same images I was seeing.

I was even very surprised by the first scene. It was a vision of the planet appearing to us embossed, with its great oceans and continents, with the forming clouds just like they are shown to us by NASA during the TV shows that broadcast images of our planet Earth when filmed from outer space. In about two minutes, that amazing vision of the globe became totally different. Heavy clouds, some of them grey, others black, others brown, and others of a dirty, dark red covered the areas which we knew were the most populated ones on the planet Earth. Every now and then, this layer of clouds, coloured as we have just described, was sharply cut by some intense red lights which seemed to be generated by mysterious explosions. Every now and then, mysterious blue, red, golden, or bright white rays of light would appear through these clouds. Those little lights looked like stars shining in that darkness. However, I could notice that almost the entire planet was surrounded by a huge halo of threatening dark colours (grey, black, brown, and dark red).

“You can thus notice the way in which the mysterious energies of the predominant mental and emotional vibrations are manifested, as they are emitted by the entire humankind on this planet”, the lama explained to me.

Then he added:

“As you can see, the quality of these mysterious energies (each of them having a certain vibration frequency) is inferior. For this very reason, their main vibration frequency is low. Please, have a careful look at this grey cloud of selfishness that unfortunately reigns around planet Earth! As you can notice, the blue sparks, which appear to you like lightning, represent certain spiritual aspirations that are of sufficient strength, but, as you can see, they are more often than not covered or, in other words, smothered by the coloured subtle currents of the inferior passions. Some of these are hatred, evilness, pride, and greed. They have created this gigantic aura that prevails nowadays around planet Earth. As you can realize, this has all appeared over thousands of years. This is the very reason why a major collective transformation is necessary. It will allow both the elevation of the predominant vibration frequency of planet Earth and a corresponding transformation (for the better) of the colour of the energy currents which prevail for the moment in our planet. Only then will planet Earth truly be able to become, and to remain, a blue planet. It is therefore important for you to realize that it is urgently necessary that this planet becomes blue or, why not, even bright white at the level of her subtle aura, as well! It is not an accident that this planet is called “the blue planet”.

Observing very attentively all of this, I discovered that those strange clouds covering the planet were like the ionized layers which surround the Earth and which, as we all know, reflect the radio waves. I must confess that, as I saw with my own eyes the huge energy shell (that obviously had an inferior charge) created by those ugly clouds surrounding the Earth, it all appeared to me as an amazing discovery. At the same time, I found it pretty terrifying.

“Our planet is severely ill… it is ill especially because of the false conceptions people have, because of the evilness which prevails, because of the ignorance human beings indulge in, because of overgrown pride and of selfishness, because of the vices and the perversity many human beings live and indulge in”, I whispered. I kept focused upon that sight and I could immediately see the dark clouds spreading somewhere far away, into the space, looking like the arms of a huge octopus. I suddenly realized that this weird black “monster”, which appeared to me just like an octopus, was even filling the interplanetary space. It was by no means a beautiful show to watch, and the sensations I had appeared in my being like echoes somewhere along the spine – at the level of the subtle channel sushumna nadi – and they even made me shiver because the terrible “beast” that I could see was about to wrap up with her tentacles the whole planet Earth. A strong tremble, which was even physical to a certain extent, suddenly made me shake. I kept watching everything that was shown to me and afterwards I discovered that, every now and then, through those dark clouds, bright and shiny rays of light would appear: blue, yellow, violet, mauve, pink, and sometimes even bright-white. They would spread out just like colourful strikes of lightning and they would pierce every now and then that dark and scary mass.

“These beautiful rays of clearly different colours, do they come from certain profoundly beneficial manifestations and from certain collective states of consciousness generated by spiritual groups of human beings who are a bit stronger?” I asked the lama.

“Yes, it is true, your intuition is correct”, agreed the lama-master. As you could notice, this dark halo surrounding planet earth can be dissipated and thus made to disappear, if the large groups of human beings who have a spiritual orientation often acted together and generated thoughts, sufficiently strong intentions, elevated spiritual states and emotions, such as, for example, the states of intense and profound love. In order to do this, it would however be necessary that the human beings act together; this way, they will all vibrate on the same wave length. Such groups of human beings, who have a spiritual orientation, will be able to attract elevated subtle energies from the endless energy foci of the Universe, if they act every time in this manner. These energies have a very high, divine vibration frequency. Such subtle energies could neutralize and even dissolve these clearly inferior, dark build-ups of energy that enchain and in certain spots even smother planet Earth. I think you can realize that these inferior energies keep the human beings on this planet in a pathetic state of enchainment, selfishness, ignorance, and in a larval state. Such subtle, pure, and elevated energies could only appear if sufficiently large groups of human beings act together, in perfect synchronization, and systematically trigger in this way build-ups of pure, sublime, divine energies. If such groups of human beings appeared on planet Earth, they could thus easily neutralize and even completely annihilate these dark clouds you could see, and whose vibration frequency is inferior. Keep in mind that only when these subtle, pure, ethereal, and elevated energies will prevail in the aura of planet Earth, only then will these beautifully coloured rays (which manifest high, spiritual vibrations) become predominant. This is the only way to enable an important leap which will profoundly transform for good the subtle atmosphere of this planet.

Then the Tibetan monk added thoughtfully:

– Tara, who as you may know is the Great Cosmic Power of Compassion, has cried a lot. The Great Mother of the Entire Nature (Maha Shakti) may decide one day that it is time for her to instantly destroy the stubborn, blind, evil, and selfish spirits. In their evilness, they have created and maintained this horrible “shell”, by gathering these rotten clouds around our planet. The entire humanity must wake up, before it is too late, from the terrible sleep it indulges in. Be aware that, if this does not happen in the near future, then the Great Mother of the Entire Nature (Maha Shakti) will have to immediately start cleaning and even eliminating all the garbage and junk on this planet. The influence of spiritual groups who act together can be extremely important, but, in order to do this, their members must be united, and the aims of such groups will have to be sublime, pure, and very elevated. Both the arhat-s and the mahatma-s in India act daily, with all their strength, in order to neutralize the evil, the ignorance, the hatred, and the other vices. But, even more important, is to immediately stop the new malefic emissions that are constantly generated by the groups of human beings who are predominantly demonic or even satanic. Remember that the profound and persistent transformations you are waiting for in the subtle atmosphere of planet Earth are only possible through the constant and systematic synchronized action of such groups of human beings. They will enable the triggering of fundamental and long lasting transformations.

This is how the old lama spoke to me, while I was contemplating those amazingly clear images with great astonishment, in the water mirror of the Great Cosmic Power Tara’s pool. In a couple of minutes, all those images I had been watching gradually disappeared and, after they eventually faded away, there was nothing left except for the clear surface of that accumulated pool. The stillness of the water was interrupted every now and then by the drops of water sliding along the tips of the stalactites.

“I think it is needless for me to say that I have been profoundly astonished by everything I have seen during this experience. I now wish even more to help from now on with everything I can. I confess that only now do I realize that the arhat-s and the mahatma-s are accomplishing daily a titanic activity, without us ever being aware of the efforts they make… Given the fact that I had in this way the chance to observe the pathetic state planet Earth is in, I confess that I even regret to having lost so much time and not already being one of the arhat-s or the mahatma-s helping planet Earth, in order to get rid of these dark, terrifying clouds enchaining this planet just like a monstrous octopus.”

“It is very good that you are now determined to help the arhat-s and the mahatma-s in their huge ceaseless efforts they make every day on this planet. Moreover, it is wonderful that you aspire to become an arhat or a mahatma, in order to then be able to do, in your turn, what they do moment by moment. Until then, we must remember that any human being who lives on this planet can help, very much even, by acting in a persevering and responsible way, especially when they act together within a united group. Remember that the groups of yogis or Zen practitioners who meditate together easily generate in this way pure, elevated spiritual energies. These energies are able to dissolve and even to neutralize these inferior, low energies you could see manifested in the shape of those threatening, dark, and terrifying clouds. When endowed with enough good-will and enthusiasm, any human being can help pretty much, according to his or her own ability and skill”.

“How do you think I could help as much as possible from now on, according to my abilities?” I asked.

The old lama then remained quiet for a couple of minutes on end. I noticed he had closed his eyes, maybe in order to ponder carefully upon the piece of advice he was about to offer me, or maybe to focus inwards and receive a wise spiritual message from one of the exceptional beings in the Tibetan pantheon.

He eventually opened his eyes and whispered:

“The year of a stronger influence of the arhat-s and of the mahatma-s is, and will be, the year a planetary warning will be sent out…”

“Will it not come in ten years, the well-known year of the Fire Dragon?” I asked.

“Yes, you’re right. But I must tell you a legend which is as old as the Himalayas. Even if the chillness of this cave is pretty hard for you to bear, I insist to tell you this story in the presence of our goddess Tara (the Great Cosmic Power Tara), as we will all soon enter her era.”

Then the old lama told me this story:

“Our praised master, who came from the monastery in Tashi Lhunpo, asserts that, thousands of years ago, superhuman beings who lived in an extraordinarily spiritually evolved world came to Earth in order to contribute with their help to the acceleration of the progress of this planet, and to make the seeds of the future humanity appear much sooner. The bodies of these superhuman beings were made of the energy of the spirit, namely what we could call the primordial matter. They could be, at the same time, as heavy as the nucleus of the Earth and as light and shiny as sunlight. These superhuman beings were giants of divine origins. One of these divine angels was Mara, whom you now call Lucifer. Lucifer had an important role, namely that of developing what is called the concrete spirit and the individuality of the human being. Over time, Lucifer carried on with his work, but when the arhat-s and the mahatma-s came and started manifesting fully the influence of the Great Cosmic Power Tara, who acted in order to elevate man’s heart as much as possible, Lucifer started to resist and stopped cooperating, not allowing them to continue the work they had started. Shortly after that Lucifer rose up against the masters of the cosmic cycles. Since then, Lucifer was no longer called “The Carrier of Light”.

He became instead “The Horrible Master of Darkness”. Also, since then, the arhat-s, mahatma-s, and ­bodhisattva‑s have had a double mission. On the one hand, this implied fighting back Lucifer’s attempts to make man his slave and turn him into a selfish, proud, unscrupulous, and aggressive being. On the other hand, they also had the mission to spiritually elevate humanity, as dictated by the divine law of the cycles. This situation determined the ones in Shambala to send in the world arhat-s, mahatma-s and human beings who had reached the state of Buddha.

The strong and obvious aversion of the Master of Darkness (Lucifer) towards the collaboration with the Master of the Sun, as well as with the spirits of the planets, generated a cosmic crisis. We now live the stage where human kind must immediately decide upon its clear and deliberate orientation – towards the divine Light or towards the Darkness that Lucifer wants to establish. According to its choice, human kind will also choose in this way its divine karma or devilish karma. This will be the path it will embrace. This path will be either the path of Good, or the path of Evil. Thus, all the peoples living on this planet will sooner or later have to choose between the old paths of the evil and of the criminal fight, and the new order of wisdom, love, and planetary brotherhood.

The superior beings coming from the Sun and from other worlds told Lucifer:

“Your lamp gives out some light, but you must also keep in mind that you must no longer block the divine light the other people must receive, or the brightness of the most glorious beings living in the lights of the endless starry space! It is necessary for you to immediately destroy the wall of evil deeds, of selfishness and perversity around planet Earth, as it is smothering human kind from the spiritual point of view. The cosmic clock shows that the Era of the Immortal Divine Spirit (Atman) is close. You cannot stop the coming of this era, no matter how many efforts you make to win, because the supernatural cosmic beings (Dhyan Chohan) bring with them a body that cannot be seen here on Earth. This body brought from the essential heart of the Universe contains an almighty vortex of divine forces. When this is set in motion, it will annihilate and destroy all your works, defeating you forever.

Century after century, millennium after millennium, we have sent out wise messages to humanity. These messages have then been sent to various nations, so that they may thus reach the secret divine teachings which they desperately needed. All these messages of ours insisted upon the necessity of unity and perfect spiritual brotherhood. Unfortunately, very few people have succeeded to properly awaken their consciousness. This is the very reason why we need to send out one last warning to people in these critical times. This is also our Planetary Ultimatum. In this moment, it is necessary for humanity to follow the superior order of the heart which is full of divine love. Otherwise, it will destroy itself shortly after that. Violating the divine law of karma and the profoundly beneficial universality of life with his destructive behaviour, man will eventually have to be judged and pay back Nature. In the case of an evil and irresponsible choice, almost all settlements risk to be swallowed by huge oceans, and the great continents risk to be dislocated by volcanic disasters. After the year of the arhat-s, this Planetary Ultimatum will have to reach the attention of all the nations of the world. It goes without saying that this message has to be transmitted with kindness and compassion. At the same time, this message has to be transmitted firmly, for it contains an important warning and wise warnings are always brought by profoundly responsible people who are full of good-will. The human beings will thus face a choice that will later on prove to have been essential: divine Light or Darkness, profound peace or war, endless love or suffering, wisdom or foolishness.”

“Is it possible for you to understand now”, the old lama went on, “that human kind is presently (for the moment) a battle field for the Heavenly Divine Forces against the Forces of Darkness? Beyond any appearance, this obviously is a wise and very old teaching that has been included in the doctrine of all religions. The War of the Worlds threatens to start any moment and we hope that the human beings will not choose to be and to remain on the side of the Forces of Darkness. In that case, the Divine Masters of the karma will have people disappear from the face of the Earth.”

“Ancient legends speak of a similar planetary crisis in the last days of Atlantis”, I remarked, being profoundly touched by the revelations the old lama had offered me.

“This is perfectly true”, the old lama said, “but we must take into consideration that this world crisis will be the more serious and acute, the more the population of this planet goes astray from the pure and authentic spirituality.”

“What should human kind do now?” I asked.

“At this eleventh hour, we need first of all to send out a clear and firm call to establish the fruitful teaching of the Heart Wisdom on this planet.”

“Few people will be able to hear and properly understand this”, I said.

“Everybody should be as responsible as possible and it is fundamental to keep in mind at all times that our Planetary Ultimatum has to be transmitted to all as fast as possible! Facing this essential crossroads, man will first have to realize that he either chooses the damned path that leads to the pit of decay and human involution, or the path leading to the highest divine spiritual peaks. Humanity will only realize the time has come for this fundamental choice when faced with the most serious and profound crisis ever seen on this planet. In case our loving and wise warning is not taken into consideration and human kind will stubbornly walk the damned path leading it to the Master of Darkness (Lucifer), then the Cosmic Divine Hierarchy will take this challenge as it should and, shortly after that, the Radiant Master of Shambala (the King of the World) will firmly and mercilessly shatter all the evil on this planet.”

“Do you really believe it is possible for me to spread out all these legends together with these prophecies throughout the world, keeping at the same time my reputation as a sane person?” I asked.

“This century is close to an end and when the twenty-first century begins human kind will witness the battle of the nations within the Third World War. Do you really believe that the huge majority of people on this planet are responsible and sane?” the old lama answered. “It seems you are not able to realize how much foolishness still exists on this planet. Knowing this, it is necessary for you to prove a lot of firmness and fulfil your role. If you do this, you will also be inspired to act wisely and, if you keep doing it perseveringly, you will notice that also other human beings will join you on this path, for the stake is very high. In this direction, it is necessary for you to realize that we are not just talking about the destiny of humanity, which could be regenerated in a couple of million years, but about the very existence of this planet, which would take a day of Brahma (or, in other words, 4,320 million years) to be recreated and regenerated.”

“I have noticed that any moralizing speech and generally any urge for transformation or reform usually trigger the mean roar of the masses”, I said.

“All peoples on this Earth must understand that the time of crucifixions and of prophets preaching to raving crowds has gone. In the near future the time of the arhat-s and of the mahatma-s will come. They express themselves through lightning, thunders, catastrophes, planetary disasters and star rains! Transmit to all the people on this planet the message that the new era of Shambala will soon come!”

After a short pause, the old lama went on:

“Please note that, in this message I confide to you, I am making no prophecies. I only disclose in advance the strategic and wise moves of the celestial Armies, as they prepare a firm and merciless fight that will start at a certain moment against the blind forces of the darkness, of evilness and ignorance! Therefore, be aware that a war is being prepared – the War of the Worlds, the war of the superhuman cosmic structure against all the forces of evil on this Planet. Such a war is urgently necessary, if you keep in mind that these forces of evil also poison the space and disturb to a certain extent the whole of the Solar System. Whether the human being believes or not that there will be such a war of the heavens, this does not make one less responsible for one’s actions, according to which one will have a good or bad karma.

This is and remains a way of making the ultimate warning of the karmic masters known. We, their servants, must transmit it in order to let people know that they need to make the choice they want. Being guardians of the cultural inheritance of lost civilizations, we also announce that we will open the secret crypts of Egypt and we will demonstrate the existence of a science and of a highly advanced technology that existed in those far-off times. The TV screens will show people the amazing achievements of a long lost era. The obvious moral of this discovery will clearly mean: you can also suffer the destruction these ancient peoples have once been subject to. In case you make the wrong choice, you will become a dead civilization and a legend no one will believe ten thousand years from now. This is also the essential message of this richness that has disappeared long ago: beware and do not follow the terrible example of Atlantis!”

For the first time in this discussion of mine with the old lama, I perceived a certain tremor in his voice:

“these kinds of revelations will be able to immediately generate a revolution”, I remarked.

“We must keep in mind that it will also cause a sensation and it will make the nations ponder”, the old lama said. “Many people will thus be determined to take our Planetary Ultimatum seriously.’

‘What do you imagine the behaviour of humanity will be then?” I asked.

“The wise teachings of the Great Cosmic Power Tara, which is based on the doctrine of the Heart Wisdom, must become the fundament of a new society. Then constructive debates may appear among the partisans of various systems, but wars will no longer appear. We must immediately realize that we are all actually members of a great planetary family”, the old lama said in an edifying manner.

“Can all these problems be solved without the apocalyptical turnovers you speak about?”

“Yes. It is possible for us to succeed, and we have to do it as quickly as possible, but, in this respect, the following question is worth asking: Will we truly do it? Will the great majority of the people want to abandon the path of greed, the path of evilness, the path of selfishness, the path of exacerbated pride, the path of the narrow nationalism and of the cult of sexuality without love, and embrace instead the path of true spirituality? People do not all need to become monks and nuns, but they can surely live and think as human beings worthy of such names. Why must so many people kill one another when they actually are all brothers, and why must people stubbornly destroy what Mother Nature has created?”

“This Planetary Ultimatum you speak about, this warning that should reach all nations, is it addressed only to the governments or only to the peoples as a whole?” I asked.

“This Planetary Ultimatum is addressed to both. After all, we should not forget that a government cannot exist without the support of the people, and the great masses of people cannot express their will but through the voices of their representatives.”

“Is the Planetary Ultimatum in any way connected to the era of Shambala certain ancient texts speak about?” I asked again.

“It actually represents the opening of the gates to a better era, the cycle of the Great Cosmic Power Tara. Her emblem, which contains the Sign of the Heart, unites the entire human kind, since any wise religion, any profoundly beneficial, creative ideology is based on compassion”, the old lama said.

Then the old lama pulled me closer to the statue of the Great Cosmic Power Tara, which was lit by the flames of the candles and, without warning me, took my left hand and placed it on the right hand of the Great Cosmic Power Tara. This hand was reaching out towards all humanity in a symbolic gesture that was clearly full of compassion.

“This Sign of the Heart is and will remain the symbol of the next era”, he said. “This will also be the era of Maitreya. He will be the next avatar, already announced by kalachakra or the mysterious science of the cycles.”

When I took my hand back I made an amazing discovery: the mysterious sign of the heart belonging to the Great Cosmic Power Tara appeared clearly in the palm of my left hand. This symbol was not the fingerprint of the symbol in the palm of the goddess Tara, representing an eye, it was a phenomenon closely correlated to the blood flow, because I noticed that, every time I would press this heart-shaped sign, it would fade away more and more. The old lama seemed to be very pleased with what had just happened.

“It is very good so”, the old lama said. “You now carry the distinctive sign of the Great Cosmic Power Tara. Even if this sign of the goddess Tara will fade away pretty soon and become invisible, it will stay forever in the palm of your hand.”

I was so impressed, I could barely speak. I kept thinking about the great revelations the old lama had shared with me in the sanctuary of the Great Cosmic Power Tara. After climbing the steps, the old lama knocked on the flap door and immediately after that we got to the main temple.

“We will go on tomorrow”, said the old lama then.

After receiving this unexpected gift, I left the monastery at sunset accompanied by a young monk with a lantern, as I had been warned it would get dark before I reached the village. In half an hour I could see it was already dark, and the oil lamp which had been offered to us was of great help, even after we had found the path. In the morning of the next day, I left the valley and headed again to that monastery. The old lama welcomed me with the special Darjeeling tea, which was very invigorating for me after the bitter cold I had to put up with until I reached the monastery again. Then the old lama showed me a couple of old Tibetan books and then explained to me their contents. Several Tibetan flags (tanka-s) were hanging in the temple, but I had not noticed them the day before because of the darkness. The old lama took a candle and, after putting it near enough to the flags, he asked me to watch them very carefully.

“Behold the flag of Maitreya, the future avatar”, he said. “Maitreya is smiling and standing up, which shows that his mission is welcome and his apparition will be unexpected.”

“Many religions believe in the arrival of a Messiah or an avatar, I said, but will Maitreya, the one who is supposed to appear, be able to bring peace to humankind?”

“Your question reminds me of the secret teachings given to me in my youth by three great arhat-s. They told me: ‘Your world is stubbornly and unceasingly heading towards disaster. Humankind will not be able to save the Earth other than through an authentic and generalized spiritual regeneration.’ Given that I had very courageously asked if Maitreya could not save it, one of the three masters replied to me then: ‘Remember that Maitreya will show the path, but human kind will then have to choose and walk on the path it chooses!’

“I can also see how crazy man is when resisting the divine cosmic law of ceaseless ascension… When the evil will reach its highest peak on this planet and the scales will permanently be under the weight of hatred, ignorance and immoral infamy, Shambala will ask the Dhyan Chohan beings to bring the mysterious planet (planet Nibiru or planet X, which is now beyond Jupiter) close to planet Earth. The new radiation generated then (due to the apparition of planet Nibiru or, in other words, of planet X) will modify the entire life on planet Earth”, the old lama said.

“Is this great event close?” I asked.

“The new heavenly body (planet Nibiru or, in other words, Planet X) will only become visible at the end of the twentieth century”, the old lama said, “but its approach to the Earth will take place during a few years after that.”

And as we were in front of the flag of Maitreya, I asked one more question on this topic:

“Can one tell the exact time the new avatar Maitreya will come?”

“Maitreya will appear after the end of the twentieth century, as it is said that he will appear in a crucial time in the history of humanity”, the old lama answered. Keeping this in mind, human kind should prepare both for the apparition of Maitreya and for the arrival of some arhat-s. Shortly after that, the path of the Heart Wisdom will start to be known by more and more human beings. Therefore, when the Sphinx in Giza transmits his warning to the world, humanity will have to start preparing for certain great events.”

“The Planetary Ultimatum you have spoken to me about is therefore addressed to all nations”, I said, in order to draw a conclusion at the end of our discussion.

“Of course”, said the wise lama, “as this Planetary Ultimatum offers the chance to use their free-will wisely for all the inhabitants of this planet. Human kind will then have to choose between divine light and darkness, between brotherhood and selfishness, between wisdom and foolishness.”

At the end I could not but express my gratitude for these important revelations that had been offered to me, putting my hands together and bowing in silence in front of that wise man, as they do it in the east. The old lama took my left hand and, contemplating the heart sign in my palm, he nodded his head in approval.

“Will I see you again?” I asked.

“When the cyclone has passed, come to Tashi Lhunpo. There we will be able to continue our dialogue”, the old lama said.

I left the monastery profoundly touched, looking once again at Buddha’s silent statue, at avatar Maitreya’s flag and that of the King of the World in Shambala. Outside, the sun was shining brightly up in the sky and making the snow and ice of the Himalayas sparkle in all their purity. A wonderful light lit the mountains, manifesting at the same time the light of knowledge coming from another world, whose secret guardians are known but by a handful of people. These extraordinary beings, the arhat-s, are not only endowed with great wisdom and spiritual authority, which is springing from a superhuman macrocosmic source, but they also control the mysterious forces of life and death. Therefore, although I knew I risked generating contempt, mockery, and hard-feelings, I considered it was my duty to share here with you this Planetary Ultimatum. It is being offered to you for the wellbeing of the entire humanity on this planet.


The attentive study of this testimony allows us to realize that there is (beyond appearances) a perfect coherence between the prophecies of the Virgin Mary, revealed at Fatima, and the global contents of this message. Moreover, the careful study of this testimony helps us understand much better and from another point of view Virgin Mary’s wise urge to act so that a profound, divine, and lasting transformation may take place on this planet. We notice its agreement with the Planetary Ultimatum that has also been offered by the sages of Shambala, led by the King of the World, within this very wise message.


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