Nowadays, few human beings are willing to believe that in only a few minutes a huge catastrophe could take place on planet Earth. And yet, it is possible to imagine that at a certain moment, after the year 2010, maybe even in the middle of the night, the sky above Denmark or above another more southern country will be lit by a highly colourful bright glitter. Those who will witness it might believe it to be the aurora borealis, event though it can rarely be admired so visibly and enthrallingly at this latitude. Nevertheless, this phenomenon would not last for long. 2-3 minutes later, all the lights on the streets and buildings would start flickering and become very bright for a few moments and then the entire country would sink into darkness. In only 2-3 minutes, the entire European continent could be cut off from electricity. And such a situation could last, without any hope of being fixed, for 15 to 20 months. 10 months after such a phenomenon, tens of millions of human beings in Europe would die and the infrastructures of the European continent would be ruined. At the same time, China, Japan and the United States of America would struggle in all ways to recover from this cataclysmic situation. Such a catastrophe is possible at any time from this present moment on. It could happen at any time because of a storm with extremely violent eruptions taking place more than 150 million km from Earth, somewhere on the Sun’s surface. In this way, the Virgin Mary’s famous prophecy of Fatima would instantly become a shocking reality.

At a first glance, the sceptical human beings, who are extremely preoccupied with material and inert matters, could believe that although such a catastrophe has not happened yet, anyway, we, the human beings living on this planet, could not do anything about it. And even if there is the possibility for such a catastrophe to happen, there is nothing we can do to make such a serious threat disappear. Nevertheless, if we remember the Virgin Mary’s prophecies, we can immediately realize that these prophecies have been offered to us so that we (those who are aware enough about the possibility of such a terrifying alternative, and who are responsible enough) can act now, before it is too late, in order to make this frightening possibility disappear for us, Earth’s inhabitants. The prophecies offered at Fatima are, and will always be, a warning for this planet and it is essential that from now on we take them into account. Moreover, it is necessary to aim to do what the Virgin Mary has advised us, because with God’s help it is possible to stop this catastrophe before it starts. If we wait for the moment when such a catastrophe will start, it will already be too late. Then it will really become obvious for all of us that there is nothing more to be done. The warning signs of such a catastrophe already exist and will be revealed in this booklet. Considering these aspects, each and every one of us who has carefully read these lines must become aware that there is a great danger, especially if we notice that this planet already faces obvious apocalyptic events.

Knowing and understanding all these aspects, it is necessary to realize that, unfortunately, this catastrophic alternative is not a joke, but a shocking reality which could take place on planet Earth at any time, be it day or night. A shocking aspect that should make us think seriously about it is that certain scientists have recently warned us that this threatening possibility has a 99% chance of materializing within the years to come. Lucidly analyzing this catastrophic alternative, which could manifest at any time on planet Earth, we can also realize that modern science would be completely useless in the case that such a cataclysm takes place.

Yet, there is hope for salvation and there is a way to act. All we have to do is to urgently apply the divinely inspired advice of the Virgin Mary. For this, we, those of us who have a drop of intelligence, responsibility and common sense, can mobilize ourselves from now on, acting in a divinely integrated way and with perseverance in order to succeed (only with God’s help) in quelling such a catastrophe, which could take place at any time, affecting all of planet Earth. At a first glance, for the sceptical and ignorant it may seem unbelievable that the Sun could cause such a huge disaster on Earth. However, we must remember that in January 2010 a report sent by NASA mentioned that it is highly likely that such a catastrophe could take place in the near future. Moreover, the National Academy of Science (NAS) in the USA has also confirmed this catastrophic possibility. This should make us think carefully, because in this way we have been indirectly warned about the abovementioned aspect. In this way, the Virgin Mary’s prophecies, revealed at Fatima, start to appear as a reference to some disastrous events that will happen out of necessity on planet Earth, as long as we, its inhabitants, continue to live in the same state of lethargy, indifference and scepticism, considering that all of this is just pure nonsense, or thinking that we, the people, cannot do anything to prevent the appearance of such a catastrophe. This fatalistic way of thinking is contrary to the message in the Virgin Mary’s prophecies, which, in contrast, shows that through divinely integrated actions, even done in unison, by asking for God’s help, it will become possible to avoid the manifestation of such a catastrophe. This catastrophe would have terrible consequences for our planet, as long as we continue to indulge in lethargy, doing nothing from what the Virgin Mary asked us to do in order to prevent, with God’s help, such a catastrophe, which, unfortunately, begins to appear on the near horizon.

By analyzing the possibility of this catastrophe, we can easily realize that over the last decades western civilization has unconsciously planted the seeds of its own destruction. The general “modern” lifestyle on our planet depends entirely on technology and nowadays it exposes us more than ever before to a major danger: the strong plasmic emissions from the Sun’s surface that could reach our planet. In only a few minutes, such plasmic emissions can “fry” all our power stations. Such an event could occur in only a few minutes and even if it would not be a big event, it would still have catastrophic consequences for the next 15 to 25 months.

So, whether we like it or not, the prophecies made by the Virgin Mary at Fatima begin to appear to be inevitable, unless we do something about them. Even certain scientists claim that there is a 99% chance that they will become a terrible reality in the near future. Correlating these predictions of the scientists with the Virgin Mary’s prophecies, we can discover that it is time to immediately start doing what the Virgin Mary told us to do a long time ago. Each and every one of you reading these lines must become aware that it is time to mobilize ourselves and to act in unison from now on, according to our abilities, begging for God’s help for such a catastrophe to be stopped through our sincere prayers, which are full of faith, before it will manifest. Please consider that we are sending a warning signal now for all Earth’s inhabitants, because the predictions made by competent scientists are among the saddest. We remind you that experts in space meteorological events, such as Daniel Baker from Colorado University (USA), have stated: “Unfortunately, we are getting closer and closer to a possible planetary disaster of unexpected magnitude”.

At a first glance, especially for the mind and understanding of the ignorant and sceptical ones, it is hard to believe that the Sun could compromise in only a few minutes the majority of our planet’s technological processes. And yet, in the present moment, there is a great deal of proof confirming that such a catastrophe is 99% possible. There is a risk of it taking place within the next 4-5years, if we allow things to follow their flow. It is obvious, for the initiates, that what is to come is not an accident, but a necessary catastrophic manifestation. The Virgin Mary warned us about it through the prophecies given at Fatima.

In order to understand the possibility of such a catastrophe manifesting at any moment in time, it is necessary to remember that the spherical surface of the Sun is made of a huge quantity of plasma charged with particles that circulate enormous amounts of energy. Some of these particles, which are circulating a gigantic amount of energy, escape, at a certain moment, from the grip of the Sun’s atmosphere and then move through space as huge “solar winds”. The predictions of scientists show that in the near future these “streams of force” will transport billions of tonnes of plasma that will manifest as huge “balls” of fire called “massive emanations of the solar crown”. If, in the coming years such an emanation starts somewhere on the surface of the Sun, and then heads towards the Earth, it would have a certain impact on the magnetic field and even on the surface of the Earth, and the result would be devastating.

Studying these lines, it is worth remembering that when the miracle took place at Fatima, the tens of thousands of human beings that were there watched aghast at the sight of the Sun coming down from the sky and falling on the Earth. In those moments, the terrified crowd experienced a state of extreme panic. Analyzing what happened then and comparing that phenomenon with the scientists’ predictions of what is to happen in the coming years if things follow their natural course, we find out that the vision the Virgin Mary gave to all of us predicted the possibility that such a “ball” of fire would appear and head towards our planet, and was not coincidental. The impact would result, in only a few minutes, in a terrible catastrophe. If this happens (Heaven forbid!), it would make us remember, in a moment when nothing can be done about it, that the miraculous image that appeared at Fatima had warned us, with frightening precision, about what was going to happen in the future (in the coming years to be more precise), unless we, the people, had done what the Virgin Mary asked us to do, in order to prevent such a catastrophe, through God’s help.

As scientists recently predicted, if such a fire “ball” of plasma enters the atmosphere of our planet, it would cause a rapid change in the configuration of the Earth’s magnetic field. This huge event (as an energetic release) would induce extremely powerful currents in the power cables of all transformers and power stations on planet Earth. Considering that these have not been structured to deal in due time with such an enormous direct flow of electricity, this phenomenon would destroy them. This would have catastrophic consequences for the entire planet. Specialists estimate that the greatest danger for the power stations on the planet in the case of such an “energetic attack” is the rapid melting of the inner circuits of all transformers used for transmitting electricity to end users. It is necessary to think about how such an event, of a smaller scale, took place in the Canadian region of Quebec in March 1989. Back then, after the manifestation of such a “ball” of fire made of plasma, more than 6 million people were left without electricity for 9 hours. We must consider that the sun storms which will take place in the coming years can be thousands of times more powerful. It would be enough for such a plasma “ball” of fire to impact the Earth’s magnetic field and all the transformers on the globe would then be tremendously affected, even destroyed, and the planet would be left without electricity.

In order to help you understand the magnitude of such a disaster, that could take place within only a few minutes, we remind you about the most well known devastating meteorological event in the history of this planet. It took place in 1859 and it was recorded in the history of the planet as the “Carrington event”. The phenomenon was named after British astronomer  Richard Carrington, the first one who understood its cause very well. Here is how he described it at that time: “Two formations, like spheres of bright white light, were emanated by a big group of solar spots.” In 1859, it was said that “the Carrington event was the manifestation for a period of 8 days of certain big distortions and variations of the spatial and meteorological conditions.” Many eye witnesses declared that they noticed a certain very bright and impressive aurora borealis which could even be seen during the night at the equator. Moreover, during those 8 days, all worldwide phone networks were interrupted and the magnetometers (devices for measuring the magnetic field) were completely out of order. Recent forecasts, resulting from the analysis done within the National Academy of Science (NAS) in USA, suggest that due to the excessive use of modern technologies we depend so much upon, in the event such large scale events occur, the manifestations appearing on planet Earth would be much stronger and more serious. If all this takes place, millions of human beings would die.

In the case of such a phenomenon, produced by such a plasma “ball” of fire, two very serious problems could appear within only a few minutes.

1. One of these serious problems could appear due to the way the modern power stations are designed to operate at a very high voltage, supplying large electric networks. Even if such a method gives great efficiency for administrating electric networks, minimizing energy losses and waste that could appear through overproduction, it also makes the power stations more vulnerable to spatial meteorological conditions. In such situations, high power stations behave like antennas, channelling direct currents of enormous intensity that would suddenly pass through the electric transformers, burning them.

2. A second serious problem might appear due to the interdependency of electrical power stations with the main systems that provide utilities. Such systems are connected to the filtering of drinking water, to the infrastructures supplying industry, health and transportation, to financial markets, and generally speaking, to everything that has to do with electricity.

Combining these two aspects, it becomes obvious for us that a possible repetition of the “Carrington event” (at a larger scale) could produce such a huge catastrophe the modern world had never seen before. Paradoxically, the repetition of the “Carrington event” could manifest to a great extent contrary to what we expect to be the trigger of natural disasters. Generally, in such a situation, when certain natural disasters take place, the least developed areas of the world are the most vulnerable. In the case the “Carrington event” repeats with a greater intensity, this time the super-technological and “modernized” areas would be the most affected. In the following, we let the forecasts and numbers speak for themselves.

According to exclusive reports from NAS (USA), such an extremely violent spatial meteorological event, that would affect the USA territory through the impact of such a plasma “ball” of fire, could induce extremely powerful electrical currents able to destroy hundreds of key transformers within 60-90 seconds and the other transformers within a few minutes. This would suspend the power supply in extremely large areas for a very long time, leaving more than 130 million people without electricity. From the moment such a catastrophe appeared, the final countdown for America would start.

Considering scientific reports, here is how a so called “Apocalypse” starting immediately afterwards in the USA would look like. It would have 4 stages:

1. The first effect triggered by this unfortunate stage – an immediate effect for some human beings – is the shutting down of drinking water. Anybody living in an apartment on a high floor, where the water can only reach if it is pumped up, will soon be out of water. For the other human beings, who do not live in high floor apartments, drinking water could probably still run through the pipes for maximum half a day longer (about 12 hours).

2. The second stage will have as effect the ceasing of any electricity based transportation: trams, trains, subways and electric buses will no longer run. It is necessary to realize that also the other transportation vehicles cannot last for too long, as the fuel in the tanks will end and there will be no electrical energy necessary to pump up the gas from underground reservoirs to the gas stations.

3. The third stage: almost all food shelves in stores and supermarkets will soon be empty and will stay empty, due to the same lack of transportation.

4. The fourth stage: in the best case scenario, some electricity generators designed as reserves will not be destroyed and will still function for a while. But this will last for as long as their batteries, accumulators or other systems, keep them running. For all hospitals, this event would mean a maximum of 72 hours for devices to continue functioning. Afterwards, any form of modern medical assistance will stop. The fact that such a situation could last for months and months, or even years, is truly shocking, and, at first glance, unbelievable. It is necessary to know that none of the transformers that will be melted can be fixed, although they could probably be replaced. Some specialists estimate that there is a very small number of such spare transformers, but we must keep in mind that to install a new transformer takes a week or even more, for a well trained team of specialized workers, and such teams are hard to find. Besides, in about one month, all spare transformers could already be installed and functioning, but their number is insufficient and many important points would still be disconnected from the power supply. New transformers should be made, and this would take at least 12 months.

Even if some energetic systems will again become able to receive an energy supply, there is no guarantee that they will have a power source, considering that also the transport network would be seriously damaged. We should also remember that almost all existing natural gas and petrol pipes need electricity in order to function. Coal supplied power stations usually make reserves that should last for at least 30 days, but with the transportation missing, there would be no prime matter (fuel).Therefore, the electricity production would be shut down at least two months after such a catastrophe started. Also, the power stations producing nuclear energy would be in no better situation. As it is known, they are programmed to stop in case of any supplying problems and they cannot start functioning again before the electrical systems are running.

Without electric energy for heating, cooling or refrigerating, without transportation and medical assistance, many human beings that could be affected by diseases or epidemics would die within a few days. Many such dangers would be instant, especially for those who depend on medication in order to be healthy. If the power supply stopped in New Jersey, for instance, a medicine production centre, important for the entire USA, would be lost. Many perishable medicines, such as insulin, would be unavailable, and we know there are millions of people suffering from diabetes on each continent. The sudden halt of medicine production, as well as of distributing and storing certain medical products, would condemn to death those who suffer from diabetes, for instance. And the possibility to receive help in one way or another would not really exist. Huge areas that could be affected by even a minor solar plasma emanation might be at hundreds, or even thousands of kilometres away from all those who could offer to help. And even among those, few would be willing to do it. Plus, they would probably have poor equipment to deal with such a disaster properly.

If we were to estimate its cost, such an “apocalypse” could cost more than 2,000 billion Euros.

In case we wanted to estimate the costs of such a disaster, a first analysis shows that it would raise to extremely large amounts, more than 2,000 billion Euros. This corresponds only to the first year after the manifestation of such a catastrophe caused by a plasma “ball” of fire. The National Academy for Science (NAS) estimates that the recovery period could last from 4 to 10 years. Nevertheless, we must realize that the costs and the time frame are huge. Somehow, it is a perfectly legitimate question to ask: Will the nations belonging to countries that are almost entirely technological ever recover? It seems that the most exposed regions are especially those from the northern hemisphere. Those countries close to the North Pole, such as Sweden or Norway, for instance, are already aware that although the periodical spectacle of aurora borealis is very pleasant to watch and admire, it also represents a continuous threat to the existing electrical networks. And yet, the installation of high voltage networks makes the southern countries become also vulnerable, in the case of an impact with such a solar plasma emanation. For instance, China is about to implement a 1.000 KV electrical network – twice the voltage of the USA network. Unfortunately, such an electrical network is also a friendly environment for propagating the disaster induced by unfavourable spatial meteorological conditions.

If we study carefully the situation, we discover that Europe is also not well prepared to face such a catastrophe. European electrical networks are massively interconnected. This is why they are at high risk of cascade malfunction. In 2006, the controlled energetic shut down in a part of Germany, done in order to facilitate the safe passing of a ship under high voltage cables, generated a cascade falling of energy supply in the entire Western Europe. In France only, more then five million people were out of electricity for 2 hours. These systems are so complicated that even the specialists seem unable to fully understand the effects of modifying the functioning conditions, even when they appear in one point only.

Still, there is a possibility (a minuscule one, which is not at all certain) to know if such a “ball of fire” made of plasma will impact the Earth.

And additionally, although uncertain, there is also some good news in this direction. If there would exist a fast enough warning system, which could warn us immediately when such a “ball of fire” made of plasma is heading towards the Earth, having the risk of colliding into it, the companies distributing electricity could take safety measures, and limit or interrupt the transfer of electric energy. Therefore, these uncontrollable “peaks” of tension, would not trigger the destruction of all transformers through a disastrous “domino effect” in the electric system.

Nevertheless, we should be realistic about this possibility; because, even if it would be known that such a gigantic “ball of fire” made of plasma is heading towards the Earth with the risk of colliding with our planet, we would have a very short interval of a maximum of fifteen minutes left before the impact. This interval would be too short for efficient action, even if we would promptly take all the necessary measures suitable for such a situation which might trigger the catastrophe that we mentioned. Regarding this aspect, the bad news continues, because in reality, paradoxically the warning systems are insecure: the more computerized and automatic they are, the more vulnerable and less efficient they become.

Regarding all of this, it is necessary to know that the most important warning system for such a situation of a “ball of fire” made of plasma heading towards the Earth, is the NASA satellite ACE (Advanced Composition Explorer). Launched in 1997, ACE is orbiting around the so-called “point of equilibrium L1” of the gravitational system Earth – Moon – Sun. The continuous monitoring, through its sensors, of the solar winds and of other energetic currents made of high-energy particles emitted from the solar sphere, allows it to deliver reports almost in “real time”. It can pre-warn, within a minimum of fifteen minutes and up to a maximum of one hour, the triggering of a catastrophic geomagnetic storm, which would over-load the electric systems and interrupt the communications. The imprecision of the ACE satellite determined NASA to launch in 2006 the two space probes of the mission STEREO, in order to predict with higher accuracy the direction and the speed of the “balls of fire” made of plasma and their probability to collide with the Earth. Nevertheless, regarding this aspect, we should be realistic and realize that, even if we know exactly that the Earth is going to be impacted by such a “ball of fire” made of plasma, the electric companies would need at least fifteen minutes to prepare all the systems against this critical event of catastrophic consequences. Some scientists estimate that, in the case of Carrington type events, the massive emission of plasma, bursting out of the solar crown as “balls of fire” made of plasma, might reach the Earth in less than fifteen minutes, counting from the moment they reach the position of the satellite ACE. Moreover, we should mention that both the satellite ACE with its components and the STEREO probes have already surpassed their expected duration of function. The detectors of ACE have after all these years diminished in their accuracy and sensitivity, and we do not know when they will cease their function. For example, they might fail during the next extraordinary powerful flow of solar radiations. Unfortunately, in the near future there is no replacement for the ACE satellite or for the STEREO probes. Other satellites observing the sun, such as the SOHO satellite (solar and heliospheric observatory), can offer a warning, with less detailed and significantly delayed information! Considering that the SOHO satellite can alert us only after the calamity has been produced, it is helpless. At the present moment, the involvement of most of the specialists and politicians in solving this problem is minimal. Due to the unconsciousness and the ignorance that we indulge ourselves in, nobody considers seriously this possibility threatening us at every moment… until such a disaster will hit the planet Earth and generate tens and tens of millions of victims.

Considering the estimations of some scientists and researchers, most probably such a solar storm will happen in the autumn of 2012 (when most probably such “fire balls” made of plasma might collide with the planet Earth), concomitant with the triggering of the next maximum of the solar storms. According to some sources, during the equinoxes, due to the specific orientation of the rotation axis of the Earth in relation with the orbit plan, the world’s energetic system has a reduced power demand in the electric systems, thus being more vulnerable in the case of sudden “peaks” of energy, induced by the assault of such “fire balls” made of plasma.

We should think realistically and realize that, if the satellite ACE collapses before such a decisive moment, or if a huge “fire ball” made of plasma will impact the Earth very fast or much too soon before the device could signal it, the consequences for planet Earth would be unavoidable and catastrophic. Such a calamity could induce a terrible chaos on a large surface of the planet, or, according to certain estimations, even on the entire Earth, which might last at least two/ three years. It is necessary to make intelligent correlations in this direction, and use our intuition in order to realize the astonishing resemblance (which should make us think seriously) between the frightening vision that tens of thousands of people had at Fatima (when the solar globe seemed to detach from its place, heading to Earth with a stunning speed), and the recent estimations of scientists and researchers predicting a solar storm that might impact the Earth in 2012. All these should make us think, and, moreover, trigger a serious warning signal in us. We must do something, because by maintaining ourselves inert, larval, shrugging our shoulders while saying “I am not interested” or “There is nothing that I can do”, might have disastrous consequences for Planet Earth, affecting severely and irreversibly each of us, with the risk of many deaths.

The great sages of this planet have always stated that, in a severe situation, each adequate action is superior to the larval state of inaction. Therefore, it is necessary to consider seriously the information we present to you in this booklet, and for each and every one of us to mobilise and to act in unison, in order to avoid such a calamity, with the help that comes from God (only when we ask for it), and through our ceaseless concerted actions, made in unison.

This concerning situation shaping on the horizon (in the near future) is millions of times more severe than the ignorant, superficial and sceptical people might realize. Considering all the data and the predictions of the scientists, we realize that such a calamity has a 99% chance to happen on Earth, unless all of us (who know of it, and moreover, who know of the existence of a simple and efficient method to stop it) will act. We should act from now on perseveringly, with enthusiasm, manifesting at the same time the hope that God will listen to our collective prayer, and He will answer our sincere, humble request full of faith, supporting each of us (the ones acting as it is necessary) in order to prevent now, whilst we still have time, such a calamity that threatens all and each one of us. Knowing and not acting (each of us) accordingly to our abilities, imploring God to manifest through our beings His Almightiness and Compassion, in order to succeed through His help to avoid such a catastrophe, represents cowardice which might have lethal consequences in the near future. Many sufferings, affecting each and every one of us, will precede this event; nevertheless, if we act now, we can determine them to never appear. Therefore, now more than ever, we are facing an extremely important option:

– We can chose to do nothing, maintaining ourselves in an inert, larval, indifferent sate, shrugging our shoulders and saying: “Nonsense, I do not believe this rubbish, such a thing will never happen, I am not interested in this”. In the case of such an egotistical, cowardly attitude, due to our indulgence in demonic doubts we would accept that “there is nothing we can do” because “this will never happen”. In this situation, we will suddenly confront the unpredictable and unavoidable. This will then make us say: “How stupid and unconscious we were, how idiotically we acted”, indulging ourselves in disregarding all of these warnings, both the ones given by the Virgin Mary – that presented us with anticipation the future events, in front of the terrified eyes of tens of thousands of people in Fatima – and of the scientists, regarding the emergence of such a disaster.

– We can start acting immediately, each one of us according to our possibilities, practicing every day from now on, at least three times per day, THE SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD proposed to you. This will generate the necessary unison, which might help avoid such a catastrophe, due to the immense help, manifested through us, being received from God the Father, when we ask for His help and implore Him to manifest, in and through our beings, His Almightiness and Grace. If we do so, we have all the chances and we can even hope that this calamity will never occur.

The Virgin Mary’s prophecies at Fatima, and the vision she offered to tens of thousands of people present there, undoubtedly have a meaning. They mean that, if we request with humbleness and faith the help from God the Father, then we can be sure with anticipation that this help will not be delayed in appearing. Thus, a terrible catastrophe, threatening each and every one of us, will be prevented. If such a catastrophe will no longer manifest, we should not be disturbed by the foul-mouthed, the bad and the blasé, who will laugh sardonically, sarcastically ridiculing us, saying with their immense foolishness and ignorance which they unconsciously indulge themselves in: “See, all these were ineptitudes without any foundation . None of your premonitions occurred”. Such a conclusion, which might appear disastrous for our egoism, will be in fact our victory, for all of us. Then we should thank full of gratitude to God the Father, for helping us in His great mercy, removing from us this dreadful cup of sufferings and of death in terrible ordeals.

With a lucid and objective analysis of this severe situation, which takes shape on the horizon for each and every one of us, and for the planet Earth, within the near future, we can realize that this is and will remain the only method, always at our disposal, that can prevent such a catastrophe. It is meaningless to think that we are very few, or that God might not consider our prayer in unison. Such cretinous thoughts (based on our lack of faith and on our demonic doubts) should not exist in any of those who act every day from now on, according to the possibilities and the time we should make in order to act in unison so that, through the help from God, this catastrophe will never occur. If we act each time united in minds and hearts, in order to succeed in avoiding this catastrophe, with the help of the Almightiness of God the Father, which we will invoke full of humbleness and faith to manifest through our beings, it is for sure certainly in our power to become divine relays in order to counteract, by acting daily, this potential catastrophe (when as many of us as possible will act in unison). For those endowed with common sense, intuition and intelligence, it is obvious that if we do nothing, we can lose everything, and even die. In those days of calamity, we will realize that all our inveterate efforts to collect all kind of material goods, to buy houses, to save money were foolish, useless and even insane. They will not be of any help.

We appeal to all of you, at the same time, to manifest from now on an exemplary state of solidarity and brotherhood, acting day by day and practicing this simple and efficient method, so that through the help coming from God, we will succeed to avoid, only by the help of God, this catastrophe shaping itself in the near future. Especially those of you, having always the attitude of the foul mouthed, the contentious, the ill-intended, the malicious, the gossipers, calumniating this spiritual path in different ways, you should make a lucid review and question yourselves seriously: “WHAT DID I DO WITH MY LIFE?!!” Then, reaching the conclusion that it is about time you become good for something (by constructing, creating, giving, praying etc), it will be extraordinarily good for you to mobilize yourselves and to act day by day in unison. In this way, you will shortly discover that by doing much good for this planet, with the help of God, you will at the same time have much good and harmony for yourselves and a new inner state (which until now has been so perturbed, tormented, full of viciousness and hate, always discontent, malicious, never bringing you any happiness, health, welfare and harmony) will appear in your beings. You especially have a chance, starting from now, to lend a hand and do something good, both for yourselves and for this planet, so that a terrible catastrophe is avoided. This catastrophe has all the chances to occur, considering the prophecies that Virgin Mary offered at Fatima, together with that frightening vision, which only now proves to anticipate what is going to happen on this planet, unless each of us will act. Acting from now on, day by day, at the established hours, in order to do what is good and necessary to first save ourselves, we will thus save this planet from the calamity threatening it. It is very important to realize that, to the extent each of us (the good, the very good, the evil or the less evil) will understand the emergency of this mobilization, we will also have the extraordinary chance to discover every day, in our inner universe, that by doing this good and using perseveringly this simple and efficient method, we will feel at the same time the divine energy, that will transit our being when we become the mysterious channels, in and through which God manifests His Almightiness, allowing us to benefit largely from this good that we do for ourselves, for the planet Earth and for all of us. Performing each day, with humbleness and perseverance, this simple and efficient method, we will feel at the same time that the mysterious divine energy manifesting through our beings, coming from God (when we invoke it), will transform us, making us better and healing us, and it will elevate considerably our predominant frequency of vibration. In addition, it will simultaneously trigger in our inner universe profoundly beneficial, divine, creative processes of occult resonance, at the same time as we contribute to avoiding this catastrophe threatening us. Thus, we will convince ourselves, each of us (the ones practicing daily this simple and efficient method), that when we do much good, simultaneously we will discover much good in our inner universe. Because a large part of this good, manifesting through us as divine channels, will remain in our being and will transform us, accumulating more and more in us, due to the cumulative processes of occult resonance. Thus, it will be possible for us to make important spiritual leaps, whilst acting in order to avoid this catastrophe, with the help of God. According to the extent we involve ourselves in practicing this simple and efficient method at least three times per day, doing this good with the help from God, we will benefit ourselves more and more from this good we do. Thereby, we will simultaneously feel much closer to God the Father, our connection with Him will improve gradually, and we will perceive, in an indescribable way, not only that God exists, but also that He is almighty. The most important experience, obtained by practicing daily this simple and efficient method, will be the discovering of the Almightiness of God the Father, manifested in a mysterious manner through our being. In this way, day by day, each of us will discover that this Almightiness exists and, when we invoke it with faith and humbleness, it is channelled through our beings, and directed to avoid with its help this calamity, that is to occur in the near future. By knowing all this, we should not give the second or the third place to the perseverant practice of this method. Understanding with lucidity and responsibility, we will realize that all the other worldly purposes, for example our efforts to obtain different jobs, honours, money, social positions, material goods, or other human ephemeral accomplishments, are all infinitesimal and obviously insignificant, compared to the danger of this catastrophe that might be triggered. In the light of the prophecies that Virgin Mary made at Fatima, we know very well that it is going to occur, unless each and all of us will do something to avoid it. At the same time, we will discover that to the extent we will mobilize ourselves, every day, to practice this simple and efficient method, and to the extent God will act and manifest His Almightiness through our beings (directly proportional with our engagement), simultaneously, astonishing transformations will be gradually produced in our inner universe. These will allow us to discover with happiness (in time), that when we do much good, with the help of God, we receive much good, each of us, and thus we benefit from the good and Divine Almightiness, manifesting through our beings each time we apply, at the established moments, this simple and efficient method.

What can we do, regarding this possibility from the general, social perspective of common people?

It is worth analyzing now the situation from the point of view of the common people, who know that this catastrophe is going to occur in the near future. Regarding this severe situation shaping in the near future for us all, and also for the planet Earth, when we ask ourselves, from the point of view of common people “WHAT IS TO BE DONE?”, the immediate answer will act like a cold shower. Thus, from the point of view of common people, we feel a state of helplessness and ignorance. Therefore, the answer to the simple and natural question “what can we do in the situation of such a threatening perspective?” is astonishing. Nobody knows yet what can be done, especially since it is very difficult to mobilize the governments in perspective of such a crisis that might appear when confronting such a catastrophe as never seen before. 

The decisional factors do not have the habit to consider such disastrous events, which occur with a low or minimal frequency, as is the case with such cosmic events, which are very rare, occurring maybe once or twice during one civilization.

Nevertheless, we should not forget that the “elites” of this planet know very well that this danger is gigantic. They realized its imminence, so they built for themselves secret bases deep under ground, they built bunkers, unknown for the immense majority of the people of this planet, who cannot even believe it due to the foolishness and ignorance in which they indulge themselves. By correlating all these aspects, we can realize that the self-appointed “elites”, full of hatred and deception (which unfortunately manipulate the masses from the shadow and control the levers of the power on this planet, planning all kind of crimes and planetary genocide, genetically manipulating in laboratories viruses meant to kill as many people as possible) are aware of this catastrophic perspective. They took precautionary measures so that in the case of an imminent planetary catastrophe they are ready to retreat immediately in their subterranean bunkers, where they have food supplies and generators that assure them the electricity, heat and water for many years. Thus, only they, the great murderers, will be able to live safely, having fully contributed to the conditions that bring the eventuality of such a catastrophe, through all the misdeeds that they did and that, lately, they continue to do more and more. By analyzing all these aspects, we can understand why the elite of world Freemasonry, led by the so-called “illuminati”, already built secret bases and bunkers deeply underground, where many of them can hide when needed and live covered there, while the naïve and cretin crowds are left to die, in the case of such a catastrophe took place. Therefore, this is the plan of the “elites” of this planet: to run like the rats and hide deeply underground, living due to their food supplies and all the conditions they created, while the poor large masses of people will die by millions, without any care from these murderers who are avid of power, sadistic and full of hate. Therefore, these are the kind of apocalyptic times going to come, unless we all mobilize ourselves to act at unison, now when it is still possible, before it is too late. These so-called “elites”, full of hatred, are willing to kill as many people as possible, since they consider that we are too many on this planet. It is obvious that they are not concerned by the alternative of this catastrophe, since they assured themselves bunkers with all they need for survival for years, and therefore they will not lift a finger to do what is necessary to avoid such a cataclysm. Lately, the “elites” who are full of hatred, are planning and accomplishing from the shadows planetary genocide, spreading by airplane the so-called “chemtrails” which contain deadly substances and viruses, pulverized in the atmosphere in order to produce the death of the poor human beings which, with the naivety, ignorance and foolishness that characterize them, are watching beclouded these chemtrails in the sky. Even when they are told about these horrors, they swing their heads idiotically, saying: “NO! NO! SUCH A THING IS IMPOSSIBLE! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!”; then they keep on, and when they develop fatal diseases, like cancer, they start getting suspicious, when it is already too late, as they are dying from cancer or other lethal illnesses. Meanwhile, other cretin naive people are watching the chemtrails, the tracks of death, and exclaim in their turn: ” SUCH A THING IS NOT POSSIBLE, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!” Thus, the planetary genocide continues, planned in the shadows by the “elites” of this planet, led by the so-called “illuminati”, because the immense majority of the cretin naïve people still refuse to believe it and they exclaim in an ironic and depreciative manner: “Nonsense! Conspiracy Theory!!!”

Let us put together all the existent signs, considering the prophecies of Virgin Mary from Fatima, reflecting upon the frightening vision that appeared in front of tens of thousands of people, when the sun seemed to detach from the sky and fall towards the Earth. Correlating all of this with the existence of bunkers and subterranean bases, where the malefic “elite” of this planet is going to retreat in the case of a catastrophe, we discover that all these facts and signs are profoundly significant. They prove that we are already living in apocalyptic times and, therefore, it is urgent and imperatively necessary for each and all of us to mobilize ourselves in unison, in order to do what is needed: to practice daily, from now on, the simple and efficient method offered in this booklet. Sitting back and shrugging the shoulders, saying: “I am not interested”, “all this is nonsense” represents a cowardly, irresponsible and criminal attitude. If all the people would do and think like that, the consequences would be catastrophic. When the disaster will be triggered, it will be too late to do anything about it, except from living the apocalyptic and irrevocable days of the doom, for many of us consisting in death preceeded by sufferings and horror. Therefore, it is obvious for all of us that we stand before an essential choice. We can avoid, through this simple and efficient action, an apocalyptic episode triggered through this catastrophe, by practicing every day, at least three times per day, this simple and efficient method that allows us, with the immense help that can come from God (if we implore Him), the avoiding of this catastrophe anticipated in the prophetic revelations of Virgin Mary at Fatima. On the other hand, we can indulge ourselves in a state of indifference and inertia, which unavoidably will lead to the fulfilment of the apocalyptic prophecies given by Virgin Mary at Fatima. Thus, we are confronting an essential choice: life or death; normality or disaster; profound Godly transformation or the suffering, ending for many of us through death.

Even if the foul mouths will tend to reject vehemently this simple and efficient method that we propose you, finding all kinds of aberrant motivations, you should not let yourselves poisoned, in your impetus and perseverance, by these devil’s advocates through which the inferno manifests, nor listen to their sterile, scornful and malicious speculations. Even if for some of you it seems difficult to believe, this method inspired to us by God remains, for the moment, the only certain modality answering to the essential question: “WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?”. If for the immense majority of people living on this planet it is not clear at all what they can do and if among all the others nobody knows what to do, all of us who do know and who already have experience and even success in applying this method, we should not remain inert, indifferent and lazy. Knowing what we can do, we will convince ourselves, as days go by, of the efficiency of this method (through the gram of practice that offers us the experience we need), especially those of us who still are undecided or slightly sceptical. While we will perceive, at the established hours, a mysterious energy entering our beings and accumulating, in order to be directed towards the Earth, we will be able to convince ourselves, through the profoundly spiritual, divine, sublime experiences appearing in us, that this simple method is efficient. Moreover, by practicing it attentively and systematically, we have the unexpected chance to gradually transform ourselves in a profound and durable manner, while contributing to the salvation of this planet, of each of us and of all the others, even if they indulge themselves in sarcastic laughter, saying that everything is an aberration. Especially to those perverted, stubborn and extremely inveterate human beings who claim that this cataclysm has a REDUCED PROBABILITY, we remind them that the shattering miracle, which took place in Fatima in front of the terrified eyes of tens of thousands of people, was not and it is not an accident. That vision, offered by Virgin Mary to tens of thousands of witnesses, only now proves its prophetic nature, and it is going to occur exactly in the near future unless we do the necessary from now on. We should not wait for this vision, offered by Virgin Mary to tens of thousands of people at Fatima, to take place, thus triggering a catastrophe, and then say with regrets: “Here it is, eventually that vision came true! It was a pity to ignore it when I found out about all of this, because now is the time for wrath, and it is too late for me to do anything about it.”

Mind that, as presented in this booklet, all this information put together make possible, for the people endowed with a minimum intelligence, common sense and intuition, to foresee already an apocalyptic catastrophe about to occur in the near future, unless we practice daily what God inspired for us: THE SUPREME AND EFFICIENT METHOD, at our disposal in this booklet. Therefore, to the unfortunate people, foolishly replying to all of this: “THIS HAS LITTLE PROBABILITY”, we announce them that the situation is totally different because in the near future there are 99% chances for such an apocalyptic catastrophe to occur. If it was different, and if the chances were not of 99%, then the frightening vision offered by Virgin Mary to tens of thousands of witnesses at Fatima would be an aberration or a dazzlingly stupid joke, completely meaningless. In reality, that vision, offered to the terrified eyes of tens of thousands of people, had and has a meaning. It is possible to become a horrible reality in the near future, when this catastrophe will occur if all of us, who know what we can do, will continue to indulge ourselves in inertia and larval states, saying: “I AM NOT INTERESTED IN THIS!”

All these aspects together prove that Virgin Mary offered us through that shattering, frightening vision, the opportunity to know our future, which would normally take place with certitude. This catastrophe will take place unless we, all whom know what to do, will implore the help from God in order to make it possible, through His Almightiness, the avoidance of this catastrophe, which is about to occur in the near future.

The ­terrible vision from Fatima appears to us – in the light of the premonitions recently made by the scientists – as a dreadful future, waiting for each and all of us soon (unless we will act adequately). Which of us, the people, could say that such a disaster is and remains impossible, despite its anticipation through the miraculous vision offered by Virgin Mary? Who could say that such a planetary disaster is impossible, even when we do nothing (each and all of us), and we do not request the help from God the Father, in order to remove, through His mercy, this terrible cup away from our lips? It is essential to realize that the event, anticipated through the frightening vision from Fatima, is going to occur in the near future, unless we, the people, will implore His mercy and help. Nowadays, there is a multitude of signs showing that this is the Will of God for this planet, because the planet is full of viciousness and hatred, and submerges in the swamp of sins, errors and vices, instead of promoting and performing the divine good.

The initiated ones know about the Occult Law of the Limit; according to it, God the Father bears and tolerates the mistakes, unkindness, vices, perversity and the infringement of the divine laws, up to a limit, after which God will not bear all of these anymore and, willingly or not, we will confront what we deserve. Then, the people of this planet will receive their well-deserved reward for their misdeeds, mistakes and sins, being gratified through this apocalyptic catastrophe. God will not prevent it, since we mocked all the divine signs and messages which were offered to us, one by one through time, in order to correct ourselves, to turn towards God as is needed since we all are created according in His image and likeness, from the beginnings.

Now, in the twelfth hour, we should remember that God never intended and He never will intend the destruction of the sinners, the lost and perverted ones, but He waits until the last moment for them to turn towards Him, full of faith, love and humbleness. God is full of love, kind and just; he does not want the destruction of the sinners and of the straying ones, but He always desires their correction.

As a conclusion, we should realize that, by rejecting with hatred, malice and derision this simple and efficient method, none of those indulging themselves in this state could be absolutely sure of the impossibility of this potential catastrophe. Because none of those indulging themselves in this attitude could be absolutely sure of the impossibility of this catastrophe, it is thousands of times better, both for us and for the others, to decide joining those who practice this simple and efficient method from now on. Doing so, at the same time we will be able to discover in our beings the profoundly beneficial effects and the indescribable, wonderful fruits, which will appear without delay for each of us, to the extent we practice daily this simple and efficient method, starting now, for our own benefit and for all.

On the other hand, from a lucid perspective, seeing things with much intelligence and common sense, we should conclude that there is a lesson for us in the natural disasters occurring in different places on the globe. Such examples as the Katrina hurricane, the destructive tsunami in Indonesia, or the recent Earthquake in Haiti bring the moment for us to understand that “unlikely” is not synonymous with “impossible”. Especially now, the stake is so high, and the probability for such a storm to occur in the next three or four years having devastating effects, is not low; by contrary, it is really high. Moreover, it is the moment for each of us to reflect upon the mysterious meaning, tempted to be revealed, at that time, by the frightening vision offered by Virgin Mary at Fatima to tens of thousands of people. We should not wait for such a calamity to occur and then exclaim while the disaster is taking place: “Look, the prophecy of Virgin Mary already came true!” In addition, we should consider that the first “Carrington event” occurred in 1859, during a mediocre solar cycle. Considering that the “Carrington event” happened suddenly, while the solar activity cycle was not remarkable, and that the scientists are anticipating, based on rigorous researches, for the next four years as being an extraordinarily high peak of solar activity, which was not reached in a very long time, the possibility for such a catastrophe is colossal. Starting from the dark scientific prediction existing now, we have no guarantee that such an event, this time catastrophic, will not occur during an unusual solar cycle, as the one taking shape in the present. At the same time, we should also consider the frightening vision that Virgin Mary offered us at Fatima. It is the moment for all of us to realize, as far as we have a drop of common sense, a minimal intelligence and a gobbet of intuition, that in reality the terrible vision, appearing in front of the terrified eyes of tens of thousands of people, will become a dreadful reality in the near future. This will occur unless each of us, who knows what to do, will mobilize ourselves, applying daily with abnegation this simple and efficient method which will make possible, by the help coming from God, to avoid forever this kind of catastrophe. While succeeding, we should not imagine that the high solar activity will not occur either; we can understand that, even if it will take place, the planet Earth will be protected in a divine, providential manner. Thus, no gigantic “ball of fire” made of plasma will impact our planet, triggering an apocalyptic catastrophe as the one predicted in the vision of Virgin Mary (for as long as each of us, as many as possible, will implore the help from God the Father to avoid such a catastrophe by the fact that we, the earthlings, and this planet will benefit from the divine mercy).

Due to the importance of this section, we suggest you to read it carefully, many times, in order to better understand the calamity waiting for us if we do nothing. On the other hand, we can understand what we can do, if we decide that it is the moment to give a hand, in order to avoid this terrible catastrophe, through the help from God and through His Almightiness.

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