We can easily apply this important spiritual law, anywhere and anytime; the biggest benefit from integrating this law in our daily existence is the discovery, which brings great joy, that actually everything that we give to the others, in reality we offer, at the same time, to ourselves. When we offer divine gifts to the worthy ones, and we aspire to give them, by the help of God, at the right moment, all they need for their own good and inner transformation, acting in this way in a state of profound enthusiasm and abnegation, we become a mysterious divine channel in and through which God the Father manifests every time. Acting in this manner, an important part of the good we offer or do for the others returns to us, simultaneously.

A long time ago, Jesus Christ revealed to us one of the most important divine spiritual laws, which has an immense value. This law was stated in few words, full of wisdom:

 “Ask, and you will receive, knock and it will open for you, search and you will find.”

Expressed in a very concise way, this important divine law makes us understand that when we humbly ask the help of God the Father, full of love and faith, He gives us, at the right moment, all which is good and which we need. Carefully studying this important divine law, we discover that always God is the one offering to us, often in mysterious ways, all which is good and divine that we ask from Him. In order to set this important divine law into action, we must manifest first an unshakable faith in God, love and humbleness. By carefully studying the statement of this divine law, we discover that, in reality, God the Father is and will always remain the source, or in other words, the cornucopia of abundance, offering us all that we ask from Him, which is good and which we need.

Meditating upon this important divine law, some of us might ask ourselves: “Is it possible for us, the people, as human beings created in the face and likeness of God, to act, in our turn, so that God gives (in and through our being) the good or the divine gifts needed by the human beings who are ready to receive them?”

The answer to this question is: “Yes, without any doubt, each of us can become, in certain conditions, mysterious divine channels, in and through which God the Father manifests Himself, in order to offer the good or the divine gifts, which we implore Him with humbleness and abnegation to offer through us.” All these manifestations and many others, which are good, beautiful, divine and true, easily become possible when we understand and constantly apply The Law of the Occult Offering. By the perseverant and attentive practice of The Law of the Occult Offering, each of us becomes and remains a mysterious divine channel, in and through which God the Father manifests. Acting in this way, enlivened by an unshakable faith in the help that God the Father offers through us, we humbly implore God the Father with abnegation to manifest in and through our being; we ask Him full of humbleness and hope to manifest Himself through our being, in order to offer, to those who are ready to receive, the divine gifts we ask for. Acting in this way, we discover a mysterious connection between this important spiritual law that Jesus revealed: “Ask, and you will receive, knock and it will open for you, search and you will find” and The Law of the Occult Offering.

We should consider from the beginning that, also in the case of this important spiritual law, one gram of practice values as tonnes of theory. The extraordinary value of this simple spiritual law can be revealed only through direct experience. In the case of this spiritual law, only those who dare to apply it constantly will convince themselves of its unexpected value, assuring them a fast inner transformation.

An important wise saying states: “To know, to want, to dare and to remain silent”. This ancient wise saying is perfectly valid when The Law of the Occult Offering is attentively and perseveringly applied.

Among other things, The Law of the Occult Offering reveals to us a mysterious and continuous connection, through processes of occult resonance, between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm of our being. In this way, each of us discovers that nothing is coincidental; we realize that we are not alone and we become aware of the mysterious connection that permanently unites us with the entire Macrocosm. Devoting ourselves full of abnegation to this noble ideal, we will succeed in this way to deepen more and more, through direct experience, the divine mystery of giving.

 In other words, full of enthusiasm, aspiration and abnegation, each of us will be able to experience directly the important Law of the Occult Offering. This spiritual law, known by the great initiates, can be defined shortly as follows:

When we give, full of abnegation, enthusiasm and with the noble aspiration to be a perfect divine channel, at the same time we gain for ourselves a considerable part from all that which we offer to the others. When we integrate this law in our lives we discover, through ineffable direct experience, that we learn and transform ourselves by teaching the others and by helping them to transform.

Therefore, each of us can realize that this noble mission, to which we devote ourselves, accelerates at the same time our spiritual growth, helping us to grow day by day, as others grow over years.

 Even if some of us may consider this affirmation exaggerated, through the deepening of this occult experience, we will be able to notice that the aspect revealed here is perfectly valid. We will observe a mysterious process of acceleration and surprisingly fast growth in our inner universe. Thus, we will open ourselves towards a sublime and ineffable spiritual experience, during which we will manifest as a divine channel or relay. We will offer to the others from the endless spheres of force existing in the Macrocosm, from which we will be able to extract the energies and the spiritual aspects we need, in order to give them to those open to receive that which we offer them, from God. For this, it is important to succeed in becoming perfect divine channels, in and through which the unlimited spheres of force existing in Macrocosm, and with which we enter in occult resonance, especially when we give, manifest.

By deepening through direct experience The Law of the Occult Offering, we will have extraordinary spiritual inner experiences, helping us to grow much more and much faster than others. Thus, we will discover, every time, that the more we give spiritually, the more we grow spiritually, at the same time. The richness and the complexity of the experiences obtained this way will amaze us, and will help us to fully enjoy the state of divine channel, of divine mysterious relay, in and through which the energies, states and information we offer to those who are open to receive them manifest.

The understanding, through direct experience, of The Law of the Occult Offering, will help us grow and soon become sui generis spiritual giants.

The deepening of The Law of the Occult Offering will help us feel, simultaneously, that when we give that which is good and spiritual, simultaneously we receive in our aura a considerable part of the energy of those spiritual goods, which we enthusiastically offer to others. By acting like this every time, and consecrating to God the fruits of the spiritual actions that we do, each of us becomes, directly proportional to our efforts in this direction, true columns, channels of spiritual divine light, around which spiritual life will grow, develop and amplify.

Thus, the more we give from the mysterious spheres of energy from Macrocosm, without expecting anything in return from those to whom we offer, more spiritual good will accumulate, at the same time, in our inner universe, from those unlimited spheres of energy to which we connect then, by triggering certain processes of occult resonance.

 In this way, many of us will become truly happy, fulfilled, transformed and expanded, through the sincere and pure deepening of this occult process, which is triggered each time when we apply The Law of the Occult Offering.

Acting like this, we will feel increasingly happy from the spiritual point of view, as we perceive that we have an immense beneficial impact upon our living environment. This happens because we help the others spiritually in different ways, acting every time as mysterious divine channels, in and through which energies, states, aspects, ideas and information manifest, at the same time, enriching us, as we offer them to the others. Thus, we will be able to convince ourselves again and again, each time, that none of the efforts made, when we consciously apply The Law of the Occult Offering, remain unrewarded. Firstly, we will soon acknowledge that all the spiritual good we give, from these endless foci of force, we find, immediately afterwards, within our inner universe, where it will remain forever.

By acting every time in this inspired manner, we will become true wells of spiritual knowledge for the others. At the same time, this process of overflowing this vital, spiritual water will nourish us, and will transform us enormously in a very short time.

Moreover, we will notice that this process works also from far. Therefore, we will discover that this occult process of transformation and individual inner growth continues afterwards in our inner universe, like an echo. This echo, which emerges and maintains itself endlessly, comes back from all those we taught, helped to transform and gave impulses; and this occult process transforms considerably our perspective, and opens for us unexpected new horizons.

By wisely integrating The Law of the Occult Offering, each of us will transform enormously for the better, while helping the others to transform for the better as well Everybody, without exception,  can give, when they adequately connect to the foci of unlimited power existing in the Macrocosm, thus triggering in their beings specific processes of occult resonance. It is inherent that this connection implies only that we believe with an unshakable strength that this process will occur and is triggered by activating in our inner universe the specific focus, which will put us instantly in resonance with the correspondent focus from the Macrocosm.

In this way, when we offer to others, or to one person, love or other high spiritual states, like: altruism, enthusiasm, good will, kindness, detachment, tenderness etc, the specific process of resonance triggered in our inner universe transforms us into a sui generis divine channel, in and through which that specific energy, coming from God the Father, manifests.

When we abundantly give to other people a certain spiritual state, radiating around us, in our environement  (modulated according to the spiritual experience or state we offer), this triggers instantly The Law of the Occult Offering. Every time, a considerable amount of the energy we give, remains and accumulates in our inner universe, thus becoming a delicious food for the soul. Thus, each of us, who, by setting into action The Law of the Occult Offering, help not only all those open to receive a sublime spiritual energy and to have access to a spiritual state, inaccessible for them before, but we also give to ourselves, to a certain extent, exactly that which we give to the others. By understanding correctly this aspect through direct experience, we will succeed to realize why the great initiates always said that we learn and transform, when we teach and help the others to transform, in an altruistic manner, full of enthusiasm.

Beyond appearances, the fundamental condition for the wise use of The Law of the Occult Offering is, first of all, to succeed in activating, in our inner universe, in an exemplary manner, the state, feeling or experience that we intend to offer to the others. In other words, none of us can offer to others, through this mysterious process, that which we did not succeed yet to awaken in our inner universe.

For example, if we did not awaken in our inner universe the state of love or the state of enthusiasm, it is impossible to succeed in offering them to others. This is because they do not exist yet in our inner universe, and in this situation, we cannot connect easily, by triggering an occult process of resonance, in order to receive in the Microcosm of our being the corresponding energies.

At the same time, another person, who has fully awakened in their inner universe the state of love or enthusiasm, is able to offer it abundantly. By understanding this mystery, we will be able to perceive intuitively the hidden meaning of the words: “From where there is nothing, not even God will ask for something”. Moreover, by understanding these mysteries, we can grasp the hidden meaning of the divinely inspired words of Jesus, who said: “The one who has will receive more; while from the one who has not, it will be taken away even that which he has”.

Remember that we do not need an university degree to apply The Law of the Occult Offering and to become divine channels, in and through which extraordinary spiritual energies manifest, enabling every time the manifestation of The Law of the Occult Offering. The Law of the Occult Offering acts in a miraculous way in the favour of the others, simultaneously transforming them and helping them to grow spiritually, and at the same time producing our own transformation or inner accelerated growth.

It is important to realize that this highly valuable, spiritual divine law is only known by the great initiates. Some human beings can hear the saying „We learn by teaching others”, or “We transform ourselves by transforming others”, but only the few initiated ones understand profoundly what is truly going on. In the light of The Law of the Occult Offering, we can have a completely different and profound understanding upon the affirmation of the great sages according to which, in order to transform and spiritually revolutionize others, we must, first of all, be ourselves profoundly spiritually transformed and revolutionized.

Only when we ourselves are profoundly spiritually transformed and revolutionized, can we truly become capable to apply successfully The Law of the Occult Offering, thus triggering around us profound inner transformations and a rapid spiritual revolution.

It is necessary to consider that The Law of the Occult Offering is and remains a terrible way of action, we can say, that can function both towards good and towards bad. We should not be surprised by the fact that the ones doing evil use The Law of the Occult Offering, most often unconsciously. In those situations, they connect to the minuscule foci of maleficent energy, existing in the infernal realms.

Considering that always, without exception, the initiatic esoteric knowledge is power, each of us should be aware and use this important law, The Law of the Occult Offering, only in a divine, beneficial way. It is essential to do so, because we are responsible both for all the good, and for all the evil we could do by using the terrible Law of the Occult Giving. Used in a divine, profoundly beneficial direction, The Law of the Occult Offering can make marvels and even miracles. Used in a maleficent, demonic or satanic direction, The Law of the Occult Offering can produce much suffering and it can even trigger tragedies, in certain situations. Essentially speaking, The Law of the Occult Offering applied in a divine, beneficial direction will help us understand and even deepen through direct experience the truth that, in reality all the good and all the spiritual energies which we offer, full of abnegation, to the others, we offer at the same time, to ourselves.

By deepening through direct experience The Law of the Occult Offering, we will be able to understand from a new perspective the old saying that states: “If you do good, you find good”. By the generous and altruist practice of The Law of the Occult Offering, for the benefit of the spiritual transformation of the others, we will obtain and even amplify with amazing ease within our inner universe that which initially was just beginning to awaken and blossom.

 In other words, if each of us will aim to apply The Law of the Occult Offering for the benefit of the others, even if we have awakened to a small extent certain spiritual qualities, but we make altruistic and generous efforts to become divine channels for the others, in and through which will manifest the spiritual, mysterious energies that we aspire (full of abnegation and self-giving) to offer to others, in an almost irresistible impetus, we will see marvels occurring in each of us.

For example, if in the beginning we have a mysterious spiritual focus awakened in a proportion of 7% in our inner universe, we will notice that as we become the channel for the manifestation of that quality, and succeed to emanate the subtle specific energy of that quality, after only 7-9 months of continuous practice of The Law of the Occult Offering, the percentage of awakening of that mysterious focus in our being will grow as if by miracle, and could even reach 70%. This inner transformation, that will certainly occur if we attentively and systematically apply The Law of the Occult Offering, will be experienced in the Microcosm of our being through the profound and complex states that we begin to perceive after a certain while. Thus, if our enthusiasm was weak and almost insignificant, after a certain period of applying attentively and constantly The Law of the Occult Offering we will succeed to gain an extraordinarily strong, even contaminating enthusiasm. This will amaze the others and it will make them look at us with vivid admiration, determining them to really see us as a wonderful spiritual model, worthy to follow.

Triggering in our inner universe certain processes of occult resonance (sublime, divine, profoundly beneficial, spiritual ones) is a great happiness. The understanding and constant deepening of The Law of the Occult Offering allows us to discover that, becoming divine channels (through which the other people are offered in abundance those elevated, spiritual states that we already enjoy) is and remains a reason for overwhelming happiness, even euphoria.

By knowing the theory of this mystery, it is up to us to discover that, if triggering in our inner universe sublime spiritual processes of resonance means happiness, then, giving those sublime states to others will become for us the source of overwhelming states of happiness. Moreover, we discover in this way, with great delight, that each time, the more we give from the endless sources existing in the Macrocosm (thus offering sublime, spiritual states that we have already awakened in our inner universe), the more we grow, we transform and we benefit from the sublime, divine spiritual states that we offer, full of abnegation, to those open to receive them. Thus, we discover with an immense spiritual joy, which has no object, that the more we offer from the spiritual point of view, the more we receive in our turn, and we transform and grow spiritually.

Acting this way, we can induce in the awakened beings the same spiritual states that we experienced, and then offer, by applying The Law of the Occult Offering, in order to thus contribute to the awakening and activating in their inner universe the specific foci. This will allow them to become, afterwards, capable to experience and intensify the processes of spiritual, occult resonance, becoming in their turn able to apply The Law of the Occult Offering. Thus, we provoke a sui generis sublime, pure, elevated, spiritual contamination, like a chain reation, in the human beings who come in contact with and who will be receptive to awaken spiritually, and who then grow in order to become capable, often unconsciously, to apply The Law of the Occult Offering. Thus, we can see the profound, beneficial links that might appear, allowing the transformation of the global ambiance of this planet, fully contributing to the elevation of the global frequency of vibration, with important and profoundly beneficial repercussions upon the subtle, energetic, global ambiance of this planet, which, not coincidently, is a blue planet.

An attentive and perseverant application of The Law of the Occult Offering helps us understand through direct experience that, when we aim to offer to other people states of happiness, sublime spiritual experiences, beneficial impulses, we multiply in our inner universe our own happiness, our own spiritual states, and we help grow, blossom and flower those virtues which existed beforehand as only a bud in our inner universe.

Thus, with the help of The Law of the Occult Offering we can increase and multiply, often by tens or hundreds of times, our own happiness, spiritual states, and even those spiritual states which used to be minuscule or insignificant within us. In this way, we will discover that, when we share them (full of abnegation, driven by an exemplary spirit of self-giving) with the others, it is possible to increase and multiply tens of times the spiritual happiness, the love or the sublime spiritual states. By sharing with the others the good we have, we become channels of manifestation for those increased divine, spiritual energies and contribute fully to the transformation of the others, as well as our own transformation, which occurs much faster giving exceptional fruits, as if by miracle. In this manner, we can convince ourselves of the gigantic importance of The Law of the Occult Offering, and in this direction, we can understand that by giving we receive, we grow much more and that our transformation accelerates.

By understanding these mysteries, it is good to remember that, instead of pointing the finger it is much better to give a hand (or offer our shoulder) to help, full of abnegation, those who are open to accept our help. The attentive and systematic experimentation of The Law of the Occult Offering allows us to understand that always we attract and receive in our inner universe exactly that which we give to others.

The deepening through direct experience of The Law of the Occult Offering allows us to understand that a human being, profoundly transformed inside with a large and generous soul, feels more pleasure and happiness in giving than from receiving. The solid understanding of this aspect presented here might become for each of us an inner criterion, which can help us to understand easily if we have already become such a human being. The perseverant practice of The Law of the Occult Offering can help us extraordinarily to become, even rapidly, such a person. For this, we should learn to give to the others more and more that which is good, divine, beautiful and wonderful from within ourselves, amplifying increasingly in our inner universe, day-by-day, or at least week by week, the secret pleasure and the joy of offering more and more.

The attentive and perseverant use of The Law of the Occult Offering in the spiritual sphere implies that we are driven by abnegation, enthusiasm, and by an overwhelming spirit of self-giving and uplifting aspiration to be useful for the others. When we act from this superior state of spirit, we can be sure that it will always be very easy for us to apply The Law of the Occult Offering. If we feel frozen, proud, selfish, introverted or hard-hearted, it is essential to remember that we have at our disposal an efficient, rapid and extraordinarily valuable modality. This modality is and remains karma yoga. In other words, this involves that we attentively and systematically engage in karma yoga actions, after we have consecrated at least three times the fruits to God the Father or to one of the ten Great Cosmic Powers. In such a situation, the consecration of the fruits three times in a row is essential, and we should perceive every time, deeper and deeper, that the answer received for that consecration, the positive one, becomes more intense. The attentive and fully self-giving successful accomplishment of karma yoga activities helps us extraordinarily to understand and to deepen the mysterious mechanisms which allow us to easily apply The Law of the Occult Offering.

When we decide to apply perseveringly The Law of the Occult Offering in our daily existence, it is important to realize that we can integrate The Law of the Occult Offering in every aspect of our existence thus succeeding to become sui generis complex divine channels, in and through which the people who deserve them, are offered gifts. These gifts are either material gifts, or spiritual, erotic, psychic, mental, or vital gifts, because the application of The Law of the Occult Offering implies a multitude of modalities, often unsuspected, for helping us to grow and transform in an accelerated manner, when we use this important law wisely.

When we apply The Law of the Occult Offering, we should respect a certain principle. The person, who gives, driven by altruism and kindness, should also manifest a complete state of detachment and it is even necessary to forget the act of offering. Nevertheless, those who receive the gift should never forget this; above all, they should thank God the Father for the divine gifts He offered to them through a person who acted as the channel or the instrument through which God the Father manifested in order to give to the worthy one, who was ready to receive. It is important to remember that we were offered a gift, because this helps us, first of all, to manifest a state of gratitude towards God the Father and then to the person through whom the gift was given to us, who acted as the instrument or divine channel.

Forgetting that, in a certain moment, we benefited from that which was offered to us, is characteristic for the egoistic, ungrateful, petty, hypocrital human beings, easily recognized by their incapacity to ever manifest honest states of gratefulness towards God the Father or towards the people through whom God manifested offering them something good. Considering this principle, it is necessary to observe yourselves in order to avoid being, remaining or deviating into ungrateful beings.

When we manifest gratitude, for all that is abundantly offered to us, the expression of a profound and sincere state of gratefulness, at least 2-3 times per day, towards God the Father helps us extraordinarily to transform and purify ourselves elevating our global frequency of vibration. Moreover, it prepares us to receive new beneficial gifts and spiritual joys which God is willing to offer from His endless superabundance to all those who constantly manifest a profound state of gratitude towards Him. This principle is very important to be kept in mind by all those who want to fully and permanently benefit from The Law of the Occult Offering.

The attentive and perseverant deepening of The Law of the Occult Offering allows us to discover one of the most beautiful rewards offered by this important law, which is and remains the fact that no person can help, sincerely and with abnegation, another person or persons, by offering all his or her best, without helping himself or herself at the same time. In other words, all the people who help or offer to the others their best, help themselves at the same time, and simultaneously receive, in a certain proportion, all the spiritual gifts or even material gifts they offer. It is important to remember that, in this direction, there is no exception.

At the same time, we all should watch out that we are not deviated by the demons from the path on which we are engaged, in order to thus become a divine channel for the others, in and through which the divine gifts manifest. We should remember that, as even Jesus was tempted and tested numberless times by demons and devils, and Satan himself put him through spiritual trials, we will not escape certain spiritual tests or trials. Only if we pass the tests, will we be triple propelled and thus reach new, superior spiritual levels; if we fail these important spiritual tests we will be degraded three steps down. We should also remember the wise statement of Jesus: “Many are called, few are chosen”. Only we, through our way of thinking and acting, can push ourselves off this path. Knowing this, it is necessary to watch permanently, so we do not deviate. In this sense, we know that sometimes people stumble over fundamental, initiatic truths, but only the stupid, superficial and unaware ones stand up carelessly and keep walking the wrong way. Such a situation marks a failure.

In order to apply exemplarily The Law of the Occult Offering (successfully exerting it mainly in the spiritual field), it is important to realize that we should give ourselves completely and unconditionally to God the Father, and thus become perfect channels, or in other words, divine instruments, in and through which He manifests at the right time, in the right amount and in the right way. His ways are often surprising and mysterious, giving to the human beings the divine gifts they need. By offering ourselves completely to God, and thus consecrating ourselves as His instruments in this world, we become able to help the others, through the mysterious and almighty help coming from God. Thus, we succeed to do His will, at the same time learning from the extraordinary spiritual experiences that we have when God accomplishes His will (in and through us), for those He wants to help through us. This is a great mystery, which many of us will feel inside, when we apply The Law of the Occult Offering, for God to manifest Himself, offering through our being, to those who deserve, His divine gifts which they need. As a consequence of this spiritual, profoundly mysterious, sublime, uplifting experience, each of us will be profoundly transformed, enlightened, purified by the agency of what manifests through us then. We will benefit in this way from the part we deserve, due to the help we offer to the others, when through our inner universe spiritual treasures are offered, treasures which God the Father bestows both upon the called ones, and upon the chosen ones.



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