1) “It becomes possible to live your life fully when you integrate in your daily life a divine and efficient method, when you sublimely savour ­every single day. With any method, perseverance, attention and ­lucidity are genuine keys.”

2) “Tenaciously climbing a spiralling path with enthusiasm, we will ­eventually reach the godly top of the mountain.”

Sometimes, life paths are so abrupt that we have the impression we are climbing the steps of a very steep staircase, but which allows us to reach certain extraordinary goals.

If we used to climb mountains, we must have noticed that such paths that after many trials take us to the top are similar to the paths of life. Then, we discovered that each step we took while climbing the mountain looked like the steps we must take in order to eventually reach the goal we are aiming for. In such situations, the path we choose is often so abrupt that we have the impression we are climbing the steps of a very steep staircase, carved directly into the slope of a high mountain. When we are not very careful about the path we walk on and if we only look towards the top of the mountain, we face the false impression that the peak is quite far away. Thus, if we only keep our attention on the destination, we risk living with the impression that we will never get near it. Such a false impression determines many people to give up their goals, especially when obstacles appear somewhere on the way or as soon as the path becomes very steep. As we all know, each extraordinary and important trip begins with a first step, and then one must take the second step, and then the third, and then one must take as many steps as are necessary in order to eventually reach the destination.

The occult law of the efficient method reveals the way the mysterious wisdom of nature assures us that if we are perseverant and enthusiastic, by dividing the trip into stages and by mobilizing ourselves to go through the modest but essential steps one by one, we can achieve almost any divine goal, however difficult it may seem in the beginning. Going through these steps always proves to be the safest path. Doing this, even the highest divine goal proves to be achievable. With a gram of practice, all these appear and become obvious at the right time. Due to lack of experience, lack of self confidence and doubts, many people who actually have an efficient method do not practice it carefully and with perseverance. This is why they miss this chance and, without getting clarification about the method, they run to find another one, and everything starts all over again. This is why it is very important to remember that when we take steps (even apparently small ones) and we go through the necessary stages, we can reach any of our divine goals. In such cases, steady perseverance and attention are genuine and essential keys. At the same time, we must have the necessary inner energy.

As we all know, it is impossible to climb to the top of the highest mountain when we are anaemic and when the muscles of our body are not nourished by a constant and powerful flow of energy. Each one of us knows that when climbing a mountain, we cannot pass over a gap by making two leaps. We must make one big leap. It is obvious to each one of us that if, when we run up to jump over a gap, we do not have enough energy to make a successful attempt, we are at risk of falling into the gap, even if we had the courage to make such a dangerous leap.

With each efficient method, we should always remember that often it is made up of stages that must be followed through one after the other, in the indicated order. To better understand these aspects, we can give an example from daily life. Let us imagine that 25m in front of us there is an oak tree. Imagine we have an adequate stone and we think about skilfully throwing that stone so that it hits the trunk of the oak. In such a situation, most of us would say: “How could I do that? To hit the trunk of an oak tree 25m away from me… This is impossible! The distance is too big. For sure I will not succeed to hit the trunk of the oak from such a distance.” But, imagine that we take a few steps toward the oak, until it is only a few metres in front of us. At this new stage, we can ask: “Is it now possible to hit the trunk of the oak with the stone?” The answer would be right in front of us: “Of course, now I can easily hit the trunk of this oak!” Imagine at this point, a person who had been reading our mind comes up to us and says: “Now it is possible to hit the trunk of the oak, so go ahead!” Following the advice of the stranger, we do it. Then the stranger, being more experienced, coming near us would smile and tell us to take a step back. Giving us another stone, he would advise us to hit it again. Each time we take one step backwards, we joyfully hit the trunk of the oak. As soon as we are 15m back, we would notice we miss the target. Then, the stranger behind us would advise us, smiling: “Step forward and hit it again.”After doing as we were told, we would hit the trunk. We would continue applying this simple procedure, going backwards until we were 20m away from the trunk, and we would discover we start missing the target again. Then, we would go forward step by step and aim at the target. Eventually, after missing a few times, we would succeed to hit the trunk of the tree from approximately 25 metres.

This practical experience, which is very easy and efficient, has a certain meaning. In this way, we can practically find out how the occult law of the efficient method works in any field of life. Wisely dividing each action or each project into simple steps, which are easier to approach, it becomes possible to take important steps towards the goal we are aiming at. Doing this, we will not wait impatiently to reach the destination or to reach the goal in order to enjoy the success. Because, by going through the necessary steps carefully and with enthusiasm, we encounter an obvious series of successes that appear as we walk the path we have chosen.

Pondering upon the practical example given above, it will be easier for us to better understand how the successive steps of a certain efficient method integrate. In this way, it will be easier to understand how the respective steps organically integrate in the case of the efficient method we have chosen to practice daily, with much attention and lucidity.

Following the same example, which has certain analogies, let us now imagine that while we are somewhere in the mountains, at a certain point we come across the spring flush of the waters of a wild river. If we had a wise, experienced and brave guide accompanying us, we would notice that he would be the first one to cross the river stepping carefully on the surface of some zigzagging placed stones. Following the example of our wise mountain guide, we would also start jumping from one stone to the next. At a certain moment, seeing two stones that seem close to each other, we might make the silly decision to step directly onto the furthest one. Nevertheless, it is possible to notice that either because the step we took was too small or because it was not enough, we find ourselves falling into the torrential waters.

In such a situation, our wise mountain guide would notice what has happened and, giving us a compassionate smile, would come and help us get out of the water, giving us a strong hand while supporting his legs on two stones. With a significant smile, our wise and experienced guide would tell us: “My dear, during each process, and as you can see even when we aim to cross a torrential river in the mountains, if you are silly enough to try to jump over certain steps, you are at risk of taking a cold shower by falling in the water.”

Relating in an intelligent way to this practical example allows us to understand much better the often unsuspected importance of the steps that, in a natural order, make a whole which we call “an efficient method”. Now, let us consider the previous example about climbing to the top of the mountain. The path we are taking to that mountaintop has become somewhat larger and this allows us to walk together with our wise mountain guide, close to each other. After a while, when our clothes are dry, we find out that we have reached a swampy area. At that moment, we, the ones doing this ascent for the first time, would first look to the right and then to the left of that swampy area, in order to see if it is possible to go around it. We would notice that on both sides the walls are steep. Seeing us hesitating, our wise mountain guide would go ahead and then, looking back at us, laughing loudly he would say: “Can you see that in certain situations Nature is and will remain to be the best school where we can learn a lot? If you carefully analyze this situation, you can understand that the mysterious lessons Mother Nature gives us always come at the right time.”

Since we lack the power of penetration, intuition and practical wisdom, we would naively ask: “What do you mean?”

Then, our wise mountain guide would answer: “Open your eyes and look at everything very carefully! Then, think, analogically… which part of our daily life looks like this path crossing a swampy area?”

Considering our lack of experience, we might say: “In this moment, I honestly must confess that I do not have a clue!” Then, our wise mountain guide would answer: “My dear, because you do not understand, I will emphasize. As you can see, if you look at it from a certain perspective, most of the time the path that takes you to your divine goal is not paved with a magnificent red carpet, like those rolled out at the feet of kings or famous conquerors.”

Then, we would understand the lesson and we would perceive intuitively how that situation can be analogically integrated. Finally, we would say: “Now I understand my lesson and I realise that when we walk the path that takes us to a sublime goal with fast and steady steps, at a certain moment, in some areas we might find a swamp.”

With a tacit smile, our wise mountain guide would tell us: “It is good you begin to understand certain aspects revealed by some situations or realities existing in nature. This is why we must become able to look at the circumstances life puts us through, analogically. As you can see, any sublime, divine goal implies a considerable effort. It implies facing certain inherent risks and it implies that we are even ready to make certain necessary sacrifices. For this, it is extremely necessary to overcome the fears that appear and all the doubts that spring forth and amplify unless we make them disappear as soon as possible, before they increase and paralyze us, keeping us in a state of turmoil and hesitation. For this, first of all we must connect to the divine resources which are always at our disposal. We must always remember that if we ask for God’s help, we shall receive it. If you always act in this way, the ascent towards the peak becomes easy and fruitful.”

“Remember that each new challenge you face at a certain moment also represents a mysterious and unexpected initiation. Very few people are aware of this. Whenever they face a new challenge some human beings get scared, they become discouraged and most of the time they run away. In this way, a necessary selection is made and only those who pass this test, overcoming their inner fluctuations with great courage, are selected. These are the ones who will heroically overcome all limitations. Moreover, they will overcome their frustration. In this way, they will find out what kind of certain mysterious energies nourish, structure and influence them.”

Listening carefully to everything that our wise mountain guide tells us, we would bravely head off to walk that path through the mud, even if the mud is ankle deep and sometimes might even get inside our shoes. Then, our mountain guide would tell us: “If you look carefully and lucidly around you, you will discover that the strong, enthusiastic and unshakable vision which had given us impulses and made us choose this path is what takes us, in a miraculous way, from the mud of life. Considering the mobilising power of our inner vision, in such situations, despite any mud and garbage, we will feel irresistibly attracted to the divine goal towards which we frantically aspire.

We will notice that the respective goal attracts us with a tenfold force, like a huge magnet. Keeping all this in mind, it is necessary to always remember that the first thing we must consider in any divine, beneficial process is to choose a divine direction. In other words, it is necessary to choose a sublime divine goal which will strongly attract us and which we will aim to attain with a huge inner energy and with great enthusiasm.”

Listening to all this, we might say: “Sometimes I find it hard, not to say impossible, to decide firmly about choosing the goals or ideals I must follow.”

Then, our wise mountain guide would come closer to us and tell us: “You must know that it will be much easier for you to discover the divine goal you aspire towards if it comes together with certain mysterious signs, a certain divine revelation, a profoundly significant dream, an absolute certainty or even a mystical vision. It is also very likely that if you ask for God’s help, you will hear an enigmatic voice whispering what it is that you must do, when you ask, day after day, to be inspired and guided by God. As soon as such a supernatural sign is given to you, it is no longer necessary to play with ideas, or to speculate and make endless theories. You will no longer waste your time asking many sterile and useless questions. As soon as certain supernatural signs have been offered to you by God, stop doubting the direction you are already following and stop constantly waiting for those who lack wisdom and spiritual maturity to tell you what you must or must not do. You will see that such an expectation is even dangerous, because no human being can help you, especially when she is not wise, and moreover, when she lacks the maturity and experience you very much need.”

“Shortly after choosing the divine goal, as soon as certain signs show you that you are on the right path, start full of determination and enthusiasm towards the divine peak that attracts you. Discover that by doing this the path you walk upon makes you vibrate with a sublime emotion. The more you feel inspired, continue to follow that path and relate as often as possible to the mysterious wisdom of the heart. As profound inner transformations appear in your being, which prove the extraordinary progress you have made, it is no longer necessary to wonder whether the efforts or sacrifices you made and still make to reach that divine goal are worth the trouble. If though, even when the inner transformations are extraordinary, you find that you keep doubting and struggling, become aware that this attitude of yours shows a lot of stupidity.”

Let us now imagine that while we clean the mud off our feet and clothes in the water of that river, the mountain guide continues sharing his wise advice, based on his experience and maturity: “Remember, my dear alpine novice, that the greatest dreams which nourish or shape a vague and far distant future are also a heavy burden, as long as we often fail to live in the present moment. Remember that the best goals which we must follow full of enthusiasm and frenzy are the ones we can practically work on at the latest next week, or even better tomorrow or in the coming hours, and not in a far away future, sometime in the next 15 or 20 years. Remember that a method is truly efficient when its daily application brings us, at least once a week, if not every day, certain obvious and significant successes, which might seem small at a first glance.”

Listening to all this, we would tell ourselves: “Interesting! So, I must enjoy different obvious and significant successes, even when they are small!”

While we say this, we can continue our ascent, courageously attacking the flank of a precipice. At a certain moment, we will ask our wise mountain guide: “Please explain to me how things are with those people who seem to become more and more famous, from one day to the next. In their case, what method did they use?”

After pondering this for a few moments, our wise mountain guide would say: “Remember that real success in every integrated and divine thing we do can be analogically compared to the building of a house. As you know, first we must dig and make solid foundations. Then, that house will be built carefully, wisely and patiently, until it is eventually finished. As you know, some houses which are raised too quickly and which have weak or unstable foundations, will not last for hundreds of years, even if at first they seem magnificent. If you look carefully and lucidly around you, you will notice that all profoundly beneficial actions, without exception, which are successful from one day to the next have required a few years of careful, perseverant, substantial and fruitful training.”

Hearing all this, we would say to ourselves, in a loud voice: “A few years…!” Then, our wise mountain guide would answer: “Think deeply and maturely of what I said! In a few years, you can have many extraordinary or even divine accomplishments, to the extent your goal has been and remained a sublime, pure, elevated and divine goal. In the case of applying each efficient method, always, without exception, a gram of practice brings you many new experiences which are worth tonnes of theory.”

Then, we would add: “A few years… seems a little too much!” Our wise mountain guide would turn towards us and say: “Be aware. Many aspects of reality seem strongly connected to the perspective from which we see them. Therefore, regarding your statement, if you look at all these only from the future perspective, then it might seem like a long time to wait. But if you turn back to the past, the few years do not seem that long. In a way strongly connected to our inner state, the years pass very fast and sometimes we are surprised to notice how fast they can pass.”

Then, our wise mountain guide would point his finger to the sky: “Please, look up there, to the peak of this mountain!” Looking carefully we would be surprised to discover that that mountain peak still looked very far away. Our wise mountain guide would add: “Now, please turn you head and look carefully at everything that is behind you!”

We would turn and contemplate the hills behind us. And we would say, full of joy: “Now, seeing all that is behind me, I can see I have come a long way, step by step.” At the same time, we would realize that on our way we had been discussing some really interesting aspects of life and had not even noticed the time passing. Our wise mountain guide would say: “I believe that if you had realised before we started that this ascent (ascension has a much more spiritual meaning and doesn’t really relate to physically climbing a mountain) would last for several hours, it would have looked as if you had to spend too many hours on it and you might have told me that this ascent is boring. You might have not been willing to let me accompany you in order to make this ascent to the heights. Please note that if you now look behind in a certain way… the perspective you have is completely different and it makes you keep going all the way to the top.” Looking carefully behind, we would say: “When I contemplate the road I have walked so far, the joy of victory already starts blossoming inside me and this ascent to the heights does not seem long and useless anymore.”

Then, we would joyfully head towards the peak of the mountain, passing through a forest with tall trees, giving dense shade. At this point the sky would be out of sight. Our wise mountain guide will bend down and pick an acorn. Then, he would say: “Remember, the same way a small acorn can turn into a huge majestic oak, the same way a river can carve a pass in the stone, with its specific “patience”, you also, after having been a naïve, nascent, fragile and vulnerable child, have become a mature being. Remember that you too can accomplish and I am sure that you will accomplish any divine goal you choose, ascending step by step all the way towards that sublime goal.”

We would feel we owe our mountain guide an answer:” I agree that all these seem so certain and even very easy to do, when you speak about them. I actually wonder how you can always be so sure and so full of enthusiasm. Nevertheless, I would like to remind you that even if it is possible to move on step by step, it is also possible to fail each time.”

Encouraging us, full of an overwhelming enthusiasm, he would answer us: “The wise men say that sublime, divine goals are the surest thing for us, both in this world and in the world beyond. If we look carefully around us, we find out that it is in this direction that human beings fail most of the time. When they start walking such paths that lead to the accomplishment of sublime goals, many of them soon abandon such a trip. It is important to remember that profound and long lasting spiritual progress does not appear spontaneously, in a few minutes, but it requires adequate efforts, done hour by hour, and day by day. With every moment that passes by, when we make adequate efforts, certain beneficial processes of resonance that are triggered in our being accelerate our spiritual growth, and it is only then that the path leading towards truth and beatitude becomes wider.

When inner discipline and patience become twins, they bring perseverance, which supports and helps us in all our progress and allows us to recover when we regress. Besides other things, it helps us manifest strong and profoundly beneficial intentions. The mysterious energy of enthusiasm brings quickness in achieving certain sublime goals, but perseverance always allows certainty in reaching these goals. Therefore, the efficient method, patience and perseverance are secret keys that open the gate to any divine realisation. All spiritual richness that appears is not offered to us only at the end of this inner journey. The complete and profound manifestation of this process is, at the same time, the reward that awaits us.

When we engage on a spiritual path, the efficient method makes possible the understanding of essences. Moreover, it helps us discover God. An efficient and adequate method helps us have access to the absolute, unique, supreme and endless force that nobody and nothing can resist. This is the mysterious reality of God the Father. This is why it can be said that an efficient method is the master of masters. The efficient method is and remains the best modality for certain demonstrations. Unfortunately, when human beings have an efficient method that allows them to reach a divine and sublime goal, very few of them make proper use of the gifts the efficient method can offer. This is why few people reach the goal they aim for. In the case of each efficient method, it is essential to remember that always, without exception, the adequate effort done through an efficient method precedes the harvesting of the fruits.

It is necessary to peacefully walk the path the efficient method offers to you. Be brave and perseverant in applying the efficient method you have. When the efficient method brings extraordinary inner experiences in your being, always keep these treasures for yourself, remembering them. When an efficient method helps you grow and transform fast and profoundly, give from your plenitude to all those that are open to receive these revelations.

When profound and long lasting transformations take place in your being due to the gram of practice offered by the efficient method, use the plenitude you have wisely. According to your possibilities, strengthen the one that is discouraged, help the weak, sooth and bring joy to the one that suffers, love endlessly and show exemplary common sense in the relationships with your fellows. Always give God the first place in your life, love Him endlessly and serve Him often. If you do all these, you can be sure that God’s blessing will always be with you.

The exceptional human beings who, full of confidence, follow the path of accomplishing their aspirations through an efficient method (as long as they make the effort to live their life in the spirit of these aspirations), will reach the success ordinary human beings do not even dare to hope for. In order to wake up and to value our qualities we must sprout and grow the seed God had put in us. For this, an efficient method is always necessary and it must be practiced with perseverance. The need for expansion appears spontaneously within our inner universe out of a creative impulse. It is also a manifestation of the Universe’s creative power. In order to do this, especially when we are at the beginning, we must have an efficient method. The mysterious power an efficient method awakens in us through the gram of practice enlightens and awakens our being.

A certain efficient method triggers enthusiasm for a divine adventure and awakens within us the aspiration to know God. By fructifying an efficient method, the moments in which we feel more full of life and closer to ourselves start appearing. Through an efficient method, our inner sublime fire is fuelled by the foci of endless force in the Macrocosm. By fructifying an efficient method, the moments when we grow through love, through self-knowledge, honesty or sensitivity towards everything beautiful appear within us. When we fully spread our wings, when we set sublime goals, if we know what divine direction we are heading in and if we use an efficient method, it becomes possible to awaken within us the impetus for fulfilling our divine ideals.

Through an efficient method it becomes possible to experience the present moment in a profound and special way. The reason why so many lives are empty, ordinary and lacking happiness is because human beings do not live in the present moment. By applying an efficient method it becomes possible to enjoy in a different way every second that goes by. Blessed is the human being that has discovered the meaning of her life with the help of such a method, through which it becomes possible to follow our sublime, divine aspirations, which will attract within our being the energy of divine life.

When it comes together with an adequate method, aspiration uplifts imagination, and our talents awaken and shine more brightly. Aspiration is at the base of profound spiritual transformation. When doubled by an efficient method, it creates miracles. Because they do not have efficient methods there are many losers in this world that spend their lives looking for water in dried up fountains. Is it a surprise then, the fact that when they are in this situation, they have no aspirations and therefore no achievements?

The human being aspiring to be successful in a sublime and divine direction uses an efficient method, finds the path to walk on and stays on it. In other words such a human being makes plans and applies them through an efficient method. Then, with its help, he or she goes all the way to the target. Such a human being does not bend on either side when an obstacle appears. It is not necessary to have an extraordinary talent in order to be successful in a spiritual field, but we always need an efficient method and a goal. Through that efficient method, we gain the power to do something extraordinary, especially when that method is applied with attention and perseverance.

An efficient method gives an impulse to each sublime action and it also enlivens each effort. Genuine divine hope is based on it and there is the idea that this power of sublime aspiration gives life a lofty charm. Through an efficient method, our inner light awakens and begins to burn and we no longer go astray from the straight road we have chosen. By applying an efficient method you will succeed to become as God had made you and in this way you will succeed. If chaotically oriented in too many directions and if it is not supported by an efficient method, a special, even remarkable skill cannot lead to any achievements. When a human being is focused upon only one sublime goal, practicing an efficient method, she can create miracles. As we all know from physics, inertia can trigger miraculous phenomena, as long as it is controlled accordingly through an adequate method. The human being that spreads her attention in many directions will not actually move in any direction. But if the same human being would focus the attention with perseverance, with the help of an efficient method, she could again create miracles. A human being’s mind is like a convergent lens. When lit by intense sun beams, it triggers extraordinary phenomena, as long as those energies are focused into one single point, through an adequate method. It is worthwhile to consider what is more powerless than the clouds which spread apart when they go high in the sky as gas. Such clouds are as powerless as dew drops falling to the ground at the right time. When they are concentrated through an efficient method, the gas clouds can break the strongest rock, they can roll mountains into the sea and they can trigger many phenomena which look impossible at first glance. All of these become possible through an efficient method.

Our goal acts in unison not only with intelligence but also with the efficient method we apply in order to reach that respective goal. There are higher or lower goals, according to our degree of intelligence. But all goals can always be achieved through an adequate and efficient method. The human beings who modelled the destinies of humanity were those who established high goals and then applied efficient methods in order to reach them. The human being suffering from not being understood will not achieve much if she does not have an efficient method. The undecided human being that tends to make compromises and deviates from her divine goal only because she wishes to please others and to gain their approval will eventually lose.

Even obstacles stimulate a human being who follows a sublime goal through an efficient method. For such a human being, difficulties are stimulating and the possible mistakes, troubles or losses cannot take her down. For her, failure is a step towards success, because she is aware and confident about the value of her accomplishments, which become possible through the efficient method. The intensity of the energy we invest in reaching sublime and divine goals increases directly proportional with the amplitude of the obstacles that appear when that human being has an efficient method.

In order to succeed in deeply transforming your existence, you must have an efficient method and you must be almost unshakable about the sublime goal you have established. Success does not appear by fumbling, but by focusing on one sublime divine (using both adjectives might be excessive as they have such similar meanings) goal through an efficient method, concentrating in that direction all the energies of the heart, all the energies of the soul and of the mind in order to accomplish that goal. When we have an efficient method and when we manifest perseverance in applying it, nothing can stop us from accomplishing the sublime divine goals we have set ourselves. When there is no perseverance in applying it and when an adequate and efficient method is missing, even a genius wastes his efforts inconsistently. It is very important to have a sublime divine goal in life and an efficient method that allows you to reach that goal.

The first step towards spiritual transformation implies establishing a divine goal, but immediately afterwards we must have an efficient method which will make possible the achievement of that goal. In order to do something good and extraordinary we need a divine goal, an efficient method, a motivation and a convergent focus for our mind. The secret of success is to be loyal to a divine ideal which can be reached gradually through an efficient method. There are many people facing failure because they lack an elevated goal and also because they do not have an efficient method.

When a human being has an efficient method, her possibilities are extraordinary, even unlimited. In the case of such a human being the only limitation is herself. The fact that we have an efficient method associated with the tendency to persevere, to insist despite all blockages, disappointments and obstacles is what makes all the difference between a powerful soul and a weak one. An extraordinary attention, focused only in one direction through an efficient method often proves to be superior to genius. The beneficial power of a human being increases progressively with her perseverance, oriented through an efficient method towards one profoundly beneficial and sublime direction.

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