1. The wise ones can show us the right path to follow and, moreover, (some of them) can even offer us a paranormal impulse to cross it, but in spite of this, it is obvious for all of us that the path must then be crossed by ourselves, with the help coming from God.

2. If humanity in its entirety will not discover as soon as possible a new, profoundly transforming way of living, based on Godliness, wisdom, love, common-sense, compassion, goodwill, altruism, kindness, humbleness and reciprocal support, it will drown more and more in the terrible state of slough which we can already notice in the world we live in.

3. All of us must realize that, in reality, every choice and every intention we manifest, influences at the same time, to a certain extent (in a mysterious way) the entire humanity. Even when (for now) we are not aware of it, each of us is, to a certain extent, responsible for all that is ongoing on this planet, whether it concerns our own daily life existence, or if it concerns this world in which we all live. By understanding this, we must, exactly for this reason, ask full of humbleness and faith for God the Father’s help, so that in this way our thoughts, intentions and actions can influence in a good, profound and durable way the entire humanity. By acting often in this way, we’ll be able to make an important contribution that will give an impulse, in a beneficial direction, to the gradual transformation of the entire humanity in its ensemble.

4. No human being can feel at the same time responsible and desperate.

5. To be free implies, among other things, the inner certainty that every human being is responsible both to the entire humanity, and to God.

6. The authentic and profound knowledge, which is at the same time full of wisdom, always triggers a certain state of responsibility within our being that will make the decisions we take be likewise.

7. Given the fact that, beyond appearances, each of us is responsible to a certain extent for what is going on (even when, for now, we do not realize this), we must allow to ‘re-echo’ (or in other words, to make resonate in an occult way ) in our inner universe, each and every time, all the good, divine, beautiful and wonderful things that we encounter (and which in its mysterious reality, known only by God, is never accidental).

8. Always, without hardly any exception, everyone of us must do what is good, offering every time to all those ready to receive it, the good which already exists within our inner universe and which can be manifested. This is one of our sacred responsibilities which we must take into account in the case in which we aspire to really become an extraordinary and exemplary human being.

9. The efficient instrument of any divine revolution is and remains the fully responsible Man, who is at the same time full of common sense, intelligence and of love. Such a man makes beneficial choices full of wisdom.

10. The responsibility we have implies, at the same time, not only the capacity to generate or to do something specific, but also the will to accept sooner or later all the good and bad results or consequences deriving from our actions, without ever attributing them to anyone else than ourselves.

11. Even if, for now, we do not realize this, we are fully responsible for our thoughts, intentions and deeds. Even if one took refuge on the moon, even if he dived somewhere to the bottom of the ocean, or if he hid in the deepest cave somewhere in the mountains, no matter how one would try to take refuge in this world, for the human being there is no realm in which it could be possible to escape, not even for one minute, the unavoidable consequences of his/her deeds. We must also never forget that it is not possible, not even in the other world (the astral Universe), to escape the consequences of our actions (which have not yet been completely burnt or annihilated).

12. No human being with dignity and common sense can stay or remain all the time frustrated in a world of perverted beings.

13. The wise ones always respect “the golden rule of the 3R”: Respect, full of dignity, for oneself; Respect, full of common sense, for the others; full Responsibility for all the actions one does.

14. Few are those who realize that before a human being can really achieve his/her wonderful aspirations and fulfil his/her sublime ideals he or she must first awaken spiritually.

15. Those that are weak inside and at the same time are larval and irresponsible have problems. The powerful ones –awakened from the spiritual perspective – have creative solutions, which fill with amazement, sympathy and admiration the inertial ones.

16. The intuitive human being, intelligent, responsible and full of common sense analyzes her/himself constantly with attention and lucidity in order to discover within her/his inner universe a possible cause of her/his errors. The reckless and the irresponsible one usually asks the others what are the causes of his mistakes.

17. The worthy human being does not await miracles in a state of complete inertia or in a larval state. Such a human being powerfully believes that miracles can happen and she acts full of hope and optimism so that, due to this, God should have mercy on her and produce at the right time, all the miracles she needs.

18. There are two essential force ideas that help us a lot to awaken in our being the state of spiritual fraternity: a) the awareness of death should make us all more fraternal with each other within a spiritual group. The fact that in reality we are equal when faced with death should awaken in us an ineffable state of consciousness that should reveal to us a deep fraternal connection with all the other members of a spiritual group. b)The fact that in each one of us there is a mysterious spark of God the Father (which spark is the Supreme Immortal Self – Atman) and it offers us, if this spark comes into awareness as such, another vision on all the human beings who are part of the spiritual group that we are also part of. If this essential truth is then experienced as such, it awakens in our being an intensive and profound state of spiritual fraternity. By deepening this state, each one of us can reach states of spiritual illumination.

19. In the case in which you will manifest the lucidity, attention and necessary detachment, aim next time – when you will either be very furious, or very angry – to immediately annihilate that poisonous emotion, telling instantaneously to yourself: “Now, in this unique moment, I and I alone am responsible for the destructive processes of occult resonance which I trigger within my inner universe”.

20. Each one of us, we each live in the present moment that which we have already chosen in the past, and, beyond appearances, our future will depend even extraordinarily much on the choices we are making in the present moment.

21. One of the most meaningful years of our life is the year in which we will realize that the greatest part of the problems we have been confronted with or we are still confronted with have been caused, at one point, by ourselves. Only then we will stop blaming our parents, we will stop accusing our friends, we will give up on accusing all that is around us and we will discover at the same time, that we can be capable of controlling and even of transforming (for the better) our destiny.

22. As soon as an ample and profound state of spiritual Fraternity awakens in our being shortly afterwards, we must pass to another stage. We must aim to be fraternal not only with the human beings who are part of the same spiritual community. The goal we must set, shortly afterwards, is to become fraternal with the entire life on this planet.

Then, in another and more advanced stage, we will aim to become fraternal in an intensive, complete and profound way with the entire universal life which exists, undoubtedly, in the Macrocosm. (It would be an immense stupidity to imagine that there is life only on this Planet). Looking at the reality from this perspective we must consider the state of spiritual fraternity as a beginning which leads us step by step towards a more and more ample vision that allows us to achieve real spiritual leaps. Eventually this enables the complete and deep communion with God the Father.

23. Harmonizing our life, transforming ourselves in a profound and long lasting way, really revolutionizing our existence from the spiritual point of view, is at the same time an admirable way of proposing to the others, who are part of the same spiritual group, the most elevated forms of fraternity. This implies that we offer to the others a living example. Acting, each one of us, in this way, we can offer, each time, to the others everything that is good in ourselves. Transforming ourselves from the spiritual perspective, we become an example for others even if we do not aim for this.

24. It is essential to keep in mind that the enemies of the state of spiritual fraternity are: egoism, gossip, seclusion, pride, vanity, doubt, stubbornness, demoniacal doubt, stupidity, calumny, suspicions, malice, resentments, callousness, skepticism, hatred, weariness, double-dealing, the insatiable thirst for power, antipathy and the so-called ‘little churches’ (within which self-importance, intolerances, vanities, gossips, hatred, ignorance and dullness, of those leading and supporting them, most often with a great cunningness, exacerbates exactly like some cancerous tumours which appear in the sick body).

25. The most appropriate space and time which we always have at our disposal in order to succeed in what is good, divine and sublime is ‘here and now’, together with all that we have already managed to awaken within our inner universe.

26. Today, in the night of ignorance, of misinformation and of planetary manipulation performed nowadays with callousness and cunningness by the Freemasonry’s planetary government from the shadows (or in other words, by the so-called ‘illuminati’), which is already making efforts to establish a so-called “New World Order” which is, in fact, a planetary satanic conspiracy which intends to set up a fascist planetary State, within which the human beings will be permanently surveilled by sophisticated electronic equipment, being constrained, in the near future, to introduce under the skin the sign of the beast (the horrible RFID chip – Radio Frequency Identification Device), we still dare to hope in the Good news which Jesus Christ announced for us.

27. Beyond the immense evil manifested nowadays at the planetary level through the world wide Freemasonry and the so-called ‘iluminati’, who have managed to build a dreadful conspiracy of the evil, whose tentacles almost comprise the entire planet, we are still certain that the good will triumph against this planetary evil which has been warped by the worldwide Freemasonry and that soon the good, the harmony and the truth will triumph in the fight against the evil, the lie and the masked Satanism which they are spreading.

Beyond the dark appearances, beyond the evilness, the lie, the cunningness and the hatred which exist on this planet, we daringly affirm our faith and hope in a divine and luminous future that the humanity deserves. It is necessary for each of us to refuse to believe that the actual circumstances are fatal and that they make people incapable of acting so that the living conditions that unfortunately exist nowadays on the Earth should not improve.

28. We must refuse to believe that all the human beings on this planet cannot be anything but some marionettes, who allow themselves to be manipulated like some leaves pushed back and forth by the criminal hurricane triggered by the worldwide Freemasonry on this planet.

29. When people engage to act in unison for common and beneficial purposes, we must refuse to believe that there is no possibility to influence and to transform as fast as possible the course and the unfolding of certain worldwide events.

30. We must refuse to believe or to share the opinion of those who pretend that the human beings are and will always remain irremediably captured in the starless night of hatred, war, egoism, intolerance and stupidity, and that the bright dawn of wisdom, peace, love, kindness, good will and fraternity will never be able to become a predominant and collective reality on this planet. We must refuse to believe the cynical prophecy of some free masons who full of hatred state that some people will allow themselves, in a criminal way, to be carried into the satanic whirl of a new planetary war (the Third World War, predicted by the free masons).

31. We refuse to believe that humanity will let itself be carried towards the inferno of dreadful and aberrant destruction which will appear in the case of a thermo-nuclear war. We hope and at the same time we strongly believe that the truth, peace, goodwill, good understanding, fraternity and love will have in the end a decisive role. Life, even when is temporarily defeated, remains always much stronger and much more valuable than death. Beyond this, for the initiated ones death doesn’t exist because even when it supervenes, it is in the case of human beings, a passage and a rebirth into another state which permits the continuity of life in the world beyond, in the astral Universe.

32. We firmly believe that, beyond the serious problems which exist on this planet nowadays, many of which have been planned and intentionally triggered by means of the planetary conspiracy of the worldwide Freemasonry, there still remains hope of the immense help which we can receive from God the Father without delay, in order to end in this way many evil things which have been intentionally produced on this planet.

33. We dare to believe that in the end, with God the Father’s help, the immense majority of the dwellers on the Earth can receive everything that they deserve. We dare to hope that soon the inhabitants of this planet will share natural, healthy nourishment without being constrained to consume genetically modified products, additives destructive for their wellbeing and their physical health, or water with fluoride that is compulsorily introduced. We hope that the human beings will also have at their disposal enough natural and healthy food. We dare to hope that they will be able to inhale clean air and that they will not permit their health to be affected by the destructive radiation of the cell phones.

34. We dare to believe that in the near future, most of the inhabitants of this planet will have the possibility to access fundamental spiritual knowledge, which will help them awaken their colossal latent potentialities existing within them and will at the same time help them to awaken their soul and to discover God the Father.

35. We dare to believe that, through the collective transformation of the consciousnesses (into good), the human beings will make a gigantic leap, through the passing from the actual global level of consciousness to a new level in which, within their inner universe, there will be fully awakened and energized the supra-mental state of consciousness. Among other things, this transformation will facilitate the awakening and energizing of a certain form of superior intelligence and genius. The awakening and energizing of the supra-mental layer (vijnana maya kosha) in as many human beings as possible will give an impulse and will accelerate the apparition of a certain form of genius in an increasing number of human beings.

36. We also strongly believe that, in the near future, all the humans will recognize and will discover God the Father within their inner universe, identifying Him as being the source of wisdom, health, happiness, harmony, kindness and love. We strongly believe that love, goodwill, wisdom, peace, reciprocal help, fraternity, and redeeming kindness will become in the near future some of the common universal laws, for this planet.

37. Only then, in that near future, the human beings will be able to transform themselves spiritually, psychically and physically, in a divine and harmonious way and the love, kindness and good understanding between the people will predominate. Only then the fear, hatred and evilness will considerably fade away.

38. Even if some will look with septicism and mockery upon these statements, the future will continue to confirm the reality of the aspects anticipated here.

39. The beneficial power of a single man may be insufficient, but when this unites with the beneficial power of the other people, it certainly becomes immense. That is exactly why it is said that where there are many acting in unison, the power grows. In such a situation what appears is not only a simple summing up of each one’s power, but a mysterious multiplication of all the powers, uniting as if by a miracle, becoming in this way colossal, especially when they act in unison.

40. Some miracles are always done by a united and fraternal group of human beings who act each time in a beneficial way, in unison.

41. When people help each other mutually, almost all sufferings they are confronted with, due to all kind of disasters and misfortunes, become as if by magic easier and can be overcome.

42. When we look at what is ongoing on this planet (planet Earth) from a certain perspective, we discover that in reality each of us is responsible to a certain extent for all the others.

43. Given the holographic structuring of the Manifestation (which makes so that the part is simultaneously present in the Whole, and the Whole is simultaneously present in the part), both the wise ones, and the great initiates consider that each human being is, to a certain extent, responsible for all the others.

44. The human being who is responsible, intelligent and full of common-sense always finds new ways of acting or even genial ones, while the lethargic and irresponsible being always finds only excuses.

45. When we look with attention and lucidity into the past we realize that, in reality, the concept of responsibility refers to a great extent to the potential consequences of our intentions and our actions. Taking this aspect into consideration, we must regard this with common sense, intelligence and precaution, simultaneously offering the intuition the place it deserves.

It is stringently necessary to do this, because there are plenty of signs showing that our planet, the nature, the human space itself and even the bio-sphere are perishable. Knowing this, we have to take into account that, to a great extent, their destiny is presently in our hands.

46. It is very important for all of us to do, for each of the others, all the good that we are capable of and, it is also important that each of us does all the good that we are able to do, for all of us. Knowing this, we should all act, with God’s help, for the benefit of each and, when necessary, each of us should act, with God’s help for the benefit of all.

47. No matter if you act or not for the benefit of human kind, God always, with no exception, will take care of all. If you will still act, full of self-giving for the good of mankind, then all the good which will flow through you coming from God will at the same time transform you profoundly, softening you up and will very much accelerate your own spiritual transformation. Every time we help the others very much, we also help ourselves very much at the same time. Hence, it is never the same if you do with God’s help the good you are inspired minute by minute to do.

48. No human being and no people will ever be able either to aspire or to perfect the world if she/he hasn’t firstly done her/himself all the sustained and adequate efforts necessary for his/her profound and durable transformation.

49. To know and not to act is the supreme cowardice. Especially when you are initiated and you know plenty of efficient modalities which you can apply when you are confronted with diverse adversities, you must never give up. Especially in such situations you must continue to fight even when the times are opposing you. You must always take into consideration that at the same time, such situations are for you some spiritual tests. In the case of any spiritual test, what doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger. Many spiritual leaps are possible only if you pass certain spiritual tests well.

50. Keep in mind that you never have to lose hope! Never! For a yogi who knows the Law of occult resonance it is absolutely forbidden to give up hope.

51. Nourish unceasingly the divine and powerful hopes. Never miss any of the chances that life puts in your way at the right moment. Remember that the daring ones, the courageous ones are always helped by the fate. Be always an untiring hunter of the heavenly bliss. Assume without hesitation and without any doubt the risk of all your good and divinely integrated actions. Acting in this way, you can be certain with anticipation that you will succeed often.

Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

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