10 reasons to perform the Supreme and Efficient Method

by Maxim Hongell

6993_2I once heard a yoga instructor say that one of the most important and most difficult things on the spiritual path is to do what our spiritual Guide suggests us to do. We can ask ourselves: how much of the advice that our spiritual Guide offered us did we follow? And how much of the advice that we started to follow did we put into practice until the end? I dealt with these questions after I performed the Supreme and Efficient Method for several months and had difficulty in doing this method regularly, i.e. at least twice a day. This made me become aware of the demonic influence that exists in my being and which opposed to the practice of the Supreme and Efficient Method. I noticed the same influence in my colleagues, who also did not perform it regularly. Being aware of this demonic influence, I turned to the positive and elevated aspects for which you should practice this method. Immediately afterwards I perceived these aspects intuitively, especially while I was performing the Supreme and Efficient Method. I will further on present them to you too and I hope they inspire you as they inspire me, every time I have a difficulty in doing it regularly.

I wish you all divine success!


1. The love for our planet and for the whole of humanity

From time to time it is good to remember how much we should love both the planet on which we live, and humanity as a whole, and how this love of ours could materialize. It is good to realize more often that planet Earth constantly offers us abundance that we all enjoy: food, clothing, shelter and all what is necessary for our existence. Our planet practically gives us her entire body, and we are totally dependent on what she gives us. If we understand this, and we appreciate objectively how much we give in return to our planet, we find that what we give back is very little compared to what we receive. Through the performance of the Supreme and Efficient Method, we can help the planet more than we can with the modest facilities that we usually have available. If we think carefully, it is the same as if we would like to offer help to another person: in reality, we alone cannot do much for her. But when we do the Supreme Method we call GOD to help, through us, our planet and all the human beings who live on it, through His grace, omnipotence and will. If we truly love this planet and the whole humanity, then performing the Supreme and Efficient Method is a great way to prove this.


2. A privilege, but also responsibility

This unique method has been revealed to us through the grace of God. It is a great privilege for us. However this privilege brings us also the responsibility for a systematic practice.


3. Belief in GOD

Through this method we call on GOD’s help; If we truly have faith that He will grant His help, then we can intuit that this method has a higher impact on the welfare of our planet and on humanity as a whole than we can imagine.


4. Ensuring the continuity of life

Each of us carries on our activities in various fields, and this is possible because our planet offers favorable conditions for us to do so. If we do not do the Supreme and Efficient Method and each contribute to saving planet Earth, counter fighting in this way the possible disasters that could affect it, then it is possible that in the future we may no longer have the possibility to do all the things we do today. The story that follows illustrates this very well.

It was once a village located below a large abandoned dam. Life in that small village had existed for a long time that the villagers did not even remember of that dam anymore. One day, one of the wise men of the village was warned that the upstream river had increased and that there were already cracks in the dam and it could give in. the villagers lacked the necessary means to repair the dam but, fortunately, the Wiseman thought of a way to resolve the situation and told the villagers to dig new channels around the dam so that the pressure above it decreased and, thus, the dam to resist further. The villagers had accepted with gratitude the advice of the Wiseman, but after that each of them remembered that they had other more important things to do: the shoe maker had to repair some shoes, the potter had a pot in progress, the baker had bread in the oven, and so forth. Thus, every day the villagers had a reason not to go and dig the channels around the dam. And because they had been used for centuries for life to go on as usual in their village, they completely forgot of the danger that was threatening them. One day, people in the village organized a great fair to sell the most beautiful shoes, the most beautiful pots and the best bread. But right then the dam could not hold on to the pressure of the water and gave up. A huge amount of water swept away, in an instant, the entire village with all the villagers and everything they had built. If they had listened to the Wiseman and had used some of their time to build these channels, they would have probably not made as many shoes, as many pots or as much bread, but they would have assured the future of the village and would have offered it the chance to continue to exist.


5. Beneficial impact on the general state of the planet and on all humanity

By performing the Supreme and effective Method, we help both planet Earth and humanity as a whole. If we compare this method – just to give an example – with the KARMA YOGA actions we realize or with an ASANA that we do (although they have an obvious beneficial influence), we can easily guess which of these actions have the strongest effect on the welfare of our planet.

To deepen the understanding regarding the effects of this extraordinary method, here are some quotes from the invocation we make towards GOD the FATHER: “… help us, according to Your great Mercy, so that we repent all the sins and iniquities to be annihilated both through Your immense Mercy, and through the divine fruit of this supreme and efficient method…” “…we beg you to help us, due to Your endless mercy, so that we all deserve not your punishment but Your forgiveness and compassion”, “… to stray forever from us humans, this glass of suffering”.

We can notice that two elements appear in the text: mercy (or the grace) of God and humanity as a whole. Each of us should know that the world does not transform by changing the external conditions, but by our individual transformation, the people who are part of it, and this transformation always happens through God’s mercy (grace). In the Supreme and Efficient Method we ask that the mercy of God (grace) manifest itself through every human being so that fundamental transformation happens in each of them, transformation that will further have consequences both at individual and planetary levels, thereby making it possible to save this planet.


6. Elevating the level of vibration of planet earth and of humanity

Performing the Supreme and Efficient Method we are aware in our being of a continuous outpouring of mysterious godly aspects, which make it possible to become a divine channel through which these energies manifest. The more human beings that manifest constantly this outpouring of divine energy, the more easily the gradual lifting of the vibration of the entire planet will be achieved. This mode of action does not involve a direct confrontation with the forces of evil, being in perfect agreement with the spiritual principle enunciated by Jesus: “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. However I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.” (Matthew 5: 38-39). In the case of performing the Supreme and Efficient Method, evil is represented by our ignorance and the disaster that could result from that ignorance, and the good is represented by the spiritual evolution of humanity. Even if there are still very many human beings on this planet who live in a state of deep ignorance, acting as relays of the divine, those who perform the Supreme and Efficient Method pray not only for their own salvation, but also for the salvation of all people, as Jesus says: “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.“ (Matthew 5: 43-45).


7. The excellency of the Supreme and Efficient Method

The word “supreme” that appears in the name of the method refers to the fact that this method (done at least twice a day) should have priority in our spiritual practice.


8. Implementation of the advice given by our spiritual Guide

Our spiritual guide recommended to us that the Supreme and Efficient Method should be done at least twice a day, which means a total of 40 minutes. Even with an effort so little, if a sufficient number of yoga practitioners of this spiritual school join forces and perform the Supreme and Effective Method at least twice a day, as recommended, it will produce a spiritual leap and will elevate the level of our planet and of humanity. You must also consider the fact that this is one of the rare spiritual practices that our spiritual Guide indicated to be performed in unison by all supporters of this spiritual school, and if we are truly devoted to our spiritual guide, we could at least try to follow his advice. You should also know that doing what our spiritual Guide tells us to do will greatly help us to evolve on the spiritual path.


9. The effectiveness of group action

The more people participate in the same action, the more energy that action will have, especially if it is done simultaneously. This is expressed in the Gospel and Jesus: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew 18: 20)


10. The effects on our being

I intentionally left for the end the effects of this Supreme and Efficient method on the person who performs it. The first and perhaps the most important effect is that everything we give comes back to us tenfold, an effect that appears when we put into practice the occult law of giving. Other effects are: expansion of our consciousness which will embrace the entire planet Earth and humanity, thanks to the faith in and through direct communion with God; communion with our Guardian Angel and the Archangel that we chose and through receiving support from them; the state of relay for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, the grace of God, His omnipotence and will, and the accumulation of these energies in our being.





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