NO to the Apocalypse!!!

pamant2013We live in very special times. Humanity is growing and developing , and many of us are opening to the essence of the human race. In our present era there are many movements of spirituality, love and peace initiatives, and many people experience amazing processes of awareness. Alongside all these, we can not ignore the great suffering that still exists in the world.  Alienation and violence from all sides, tensions and pressures of everyday life that make life hard, natural disasters, war of survival and awful tortures experienced by residents of third world countries. Recently, NASA senior scientists started warning us about a global apocalyptic disaster that could be triggered by a solar storm. Alongside all these, we hear the testimonies and different predictions from scientists and channelers, that emphasize for us that we have reached critical times, and now it is the time to pray with love, out loud and in our heart, all of us together, for a pure world and a healthy and spiritual humanity, living within a harmonious universal brotherhood. Where do we go next, Nineveh or Sodom and Gomorrah – the choice is  in our hands.

In response to all these rose in the last years “the Supreme and Efficient Method”, which is a daily meditation-prayer, taking place at the same hour at fixed times by tens of thousands of people in dozens of countries around the world. A method which increases the frequency level of each participant, while at the same time it brings the Divine Grace upon the entire humanity. Even if the prophetic date of 21.12.2012 passed by already, yet our blue planet still needs our perseverent help. We invite you to explore more, innerly within yourself and to the blue planet where we all live, and to find out about the method as well as the background of its establishment.

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